Community College to University: How Dual Enrollment Can Aid Retention and Cost

Written by: Jennifer Patterson Lorenzetti
Published On: April 19, 2014

Starting a college education at a community college and finishing it at a four-year university is not a new idea; countless financial advisors have suggested students and families consider this option as they deal with escalating educational costs and an economic recession that seems to drag far beyond its official end date.  However, there is a better way to ensure that students have the support they need to successfully complete their desired degrees using a more robust “dual enrollment model.”

Ray Schroeder is the associate vice chancellor for online learning and director of the Center for Online Learning, Research and Service at the University of Illinois Springfield (UIS).  “With student loans eclipsing the one trillion dollar mark, tuition increases at record rates, and family financial reserves evaporating, increasingly students are pursuing entry into community college with the intent to complete their degrees online,” he writes in a Sloan-C presentation abstract.  UIS is working to ease these problems with a “one-two-one” dual enrollment model that replaces the older “two-plus-two” model.

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