23 Practical Strategies to Help New Faculty Thrive

New Faculty Needing Help?

New faculty members need practical help to achieve lasting classroom success.

The average college professor knows his or her subject matter very well, but receives very little training in how to teach effectively. That’s because most graduate programs provide minimal instruction on classroom pedagogy.It’s not surprising that many new faculty members struggle when they are first asked to lead their own classes.Bad habits picked up early in a teaching career can become self-defeating in the long term.

Often, new faculty members try to do too much and wind up overextending themselves, which diminishes their enthusiasm. This can lead to frustration and ineffectiveness.The best way to confront these problems is to provide new faculty members with practical guidance and seasoned advice early on.

Award-winning professor and faculty mentor Ike Shibley, Ph.D., of Penn State Berks shares effective strategies for success in college teaching in this 90-minute seminar.

Drawing upon his fifteen years of teaching and mentoring experience, Professor Shibley offers compelling and realistic advice on day-to-day teaching and improving student learning to guide new faculty members around predictable pitfalls and set them on the path to a rewarding teaching career.

This seminar covers:

  • Deliberate course design
  • Writing a strong syllabus—and sticking to it
  • Improving student ratings
  • High vs. low-stakes grades
  • Finding the right pacing
  • The reality behind teaching “myths”
  • How to start and end each class
  • How and why to find a faculty mentor
  • Strategies for working with colleagues
  • Ways to increase classroom efficiency
  • Maintaining psychological health
  • The rewards of teaching

Who will benefit from this seminar?

  • College professors just starting out
  • Professors who need to recharge
  • Administrators
  • Instructors
  • Course Developers
  • Instructional Designers 


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Recorded: 11/22/2010
Running Time: 90 minutes
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Ike Shibley, Ph.D.

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