Art of Advising Series

A Student Centered Approach to Higher Education Faculty Advising

Conventional wisdom says faculty often have an aversion to the very idea of doing academic advising.

In a special eight CD video program, leading experts on faculty advising programs will demonstrate that the realimpediment is a lack of information, training and support – and they’ll show you how to increase faculty participation by providing them.

Turns out conventional wisdom is wrong.

The Art of Advising is led by Mitchell Levy, Ph.D. (Executive Director – Center for Counseling, Advising & Academic Support) and Bernard Polnariev, Ph.D. (Executive Associate to the Dean of Academic Affairs) of LaGuardia Community College with 18,000 matriculated students on the campus. 

They show you:

  • How they reframed the issue of perceived faculty resistance to advising
  • How they implemented a student-centered approach while partnering with faculty members
  • How you can create your own series of successful advising programs based on theirs. 

Their work is recognized by a National Award as they won the ‘NASPA 2011 Student Affairs Partnering with Academic Affairs (SAPAA) Promising Practices’ award.

Part One
Reframing Faculty Resistance to Developmental Advisement

Part Two
Enhancing Faculty Advisement Training

Gain the tools to train your faculty:

  • The relational aspects of advising — how faculty advisors help with retention, academic success and career planning
  • The conceptual framework behind advising — the research and scholarship that supports it
  • The informational elements of advising — the nuts and bolts of how to do it

Part One includes:

  • 4 CDs
  • Three, 30-minute videos on Reframing Faculty Resistance to Developmental Advisement
  • One resource CD that includes digital copies of the Reframing Manual, PowerPoint slides, and transcripts
  • Printed copies of the Reframing Manual and PowerPoint slides

Learn how to create, manage and assess three developmental advising initiatives for your campus:

  • An “Art of Advising” faculty development seminar
  • A College-Wide Advising Day event(s)
  • A Developmental Advising Committee

Part Two includes:

  • 4 CDs
  • Three, 30-minute videos on Enhancing Faculty Advisement Training
  • One resource CD that includes digital copies of the Trainer’s Guide, PowerPoint slides, and transcripts
  • Printed copies of the Trainer’s Guide and PowerPoint slides

You’ll learn how:

  • To reframe the way advising is perceived among your faculty
  • Secure their commitment,
  • Support their efforts
  • Provide the tools they need to succeed
  • Assess your initiatives via a feedback loop to ensure continuous improvement.

Model Your Program After an Award-Winner

Complete with workbooks for both faculty and trainers, The Art of Advising provides step-by-step guidance for modeling your advising program after the award-winning one created by Drs. Polnariev and Levy. (NASPA 2011 Student Affairs Partnering with Academic Affairs (SAPAA) Promising Practices award)

A Great Value to Share with Colleagues Campus-Wide--at a new lower price!

The cost of the program, complete with 8 CDs and workbooks, is now just $399 (save $500 off the original price of $899!).  You’ll enjoy a tremendous educational value for a fraction of the cost of attending an offsite event, or bringing consultants to your campus.

You also recieve a full campus access license and the right to reproduce all materials so you may leverage your investment by sharing the program with interested parties throughout your institution.

This Program is Ideal For

  • Deans
  • Provosts and Student Development Vice Presidents
  • Department Chairs
  • Directors of Advising/Counseling/Retention
  • Directors of Freshman or Sophomore Experience
  • Directors of Student Success
  • Directors of Faculty Development

Discover how to help your faculty embrace and master the advising process by ordering The Art of Advising today.


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