Five Ways to Improve Interaction in Your Online Courses

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Online higher education courses are growing–and for good reason. They’re an effective way to teach more students, as well as expand course offerings.

But online education isn’t just a matter of using the same materials in the same ways that you’d use in a traditional classroom. There are ways to effectively adapt your teaching content to the various communication channels available.

Five Ways to Improve Interaction in Your Online Courses shows you specifically how to add your personality, and engage and interact with students. It doesn’t matter where you are on the online education learning curve. You’ll gain valuable tips on how to identify where you’re at, improve your skills and move forward with confidence.  

About the Presenter

Your instructor, Jill Schiefelbein, has a thorough grasp of teaching in an online environment. She’s trained hundreds of faculty and staff from across the country. She’s taught and developed online courses at Arizona State University for the past eight years. In addition to presenting her material, Schiefelbein will take your questions during the presentation.

No matter where you are at on the online teaching spectrum – new to it, you’ve taught a few classes, or you’ve been at it for several years – this seminar will supply you with the tools you need to take the next steps toward mastery and effectiveness.

Here’s what the presentation covers:

  • The various communications channels (webinars, video and audio conferencing, Skype, and more)
  • Strengths and weaknesses of each channel
  • Media richness and how this theory can help you teach effectively online
  • The best ways to facilitate communication through various channels
  • Discovering where you are on the online learning curve
  • Taking the ‘next step’
  • How to inject personality, engage and interact with students

Who will benefit from this seminar

  • Online instructors
  • Curriculum specialists and developers
  • Training coordinators
  • Supervisors
  • Recent graduates
  • Any institution considering online training for its employees

Groups will find it useful to watch the seminar together, and hold a discussion afterward to maximize the course content.

Includes Free Discussion Guide for Facilitators

You can put into practice what you and your colleagues learn in this seminar with the free Discussion Guide for Facilitators. It contains all the tools you’ll need to help better apply what you've learned.

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Recorded: 4/6/2011
Running Time: 60 minutes
Video with PowerPoint


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3. Phone: 800-433-0499 ext. 2

Bonus Materials on your seminar CD:
  • PDF Transcript
  • Facillitator's Guide
  • Supplemental Materials
  • PowerPoint Handouts

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