How Can I Connect Students' Interests to Course Content?

When students see a clear link between their concerns and your course content, teaching and learning improve.

The trick is establishing those connections.

In How Can I Connect Students’ Interests to Course Content? presenter Alice Cassidy, Ph.D. shows you how to get students to make a personal investment in their learning – no matter how large or small your class may be.

Using examples from the literature and her own teaching, Cassidy shares three guidelines to help you reach students more effectively:

  • Find ways to learn about students
  • Connect assignments to students’ interests
  • Use the value of feedback.

Learning Outcomes

In this session you will learn:

  • How in-class activities can help students discover the connection between their concerns and course content.
  • How adapting your assignments can help students see the links between their world and your course.
  • How to help students succeed through goal-setting activities and making time for student reflection.
  • How to find new ways to strengthen student motivation by exploring cited resources.

You’ll see how in-class activities like poster sessions, student presentations, and flexible assignments can enhance student engagement. Tips on structuring feedback to help students connect with course content can be as simple as they are helpful, such as “the 1-minute paper,” brief statements on “the muddiest point,” and discussions prompted by the phrase, “I’m just wondering.”

Like all Magna 20 Minute Mentors, this session provides specific details and support to help you make a tangible difference in your teaching as soon as the session ends. Cassidy even encourages participants to contact her if questions develop after the session.

This comprehensive approach can be adapted to support teaching and learning in all disciplines.

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