How Can I Improve Lessons with a 4-step Plan?

Do you ever wish creating a lesson plan was as easy as asking yourself: “What am I going to teach today?”

But the reality is that it is a much more complex process that can take hours and hours of your time.

You need to answer the question: “What are my students going to learn today?”

Mary Clement, Ed.D.,  has mastered the lesson planning process and developed a four-step plan that simplifies how you plan and creates even stronger, more engaging lessons.

She shares her secrets in this Magna 20 Minute Mentor How Can I Improve Lessons with a 4-step Plan?

Learn how to save time and create lesson plans that effectively present new material to your students, apply the information, and review the topics that were covered.

This tip-filled seminar follows the four steps of lesson planning, exploring:

  • How to use focus questions to engage students in the first few minutes of class
  • The importance of using visuals and moments of interaction when presenting new information
  • Suggestions for practicing application of new material in class
  • Techniques for linking review of one class with a preview of the next

You also receive:

  • A worksheet to guide you through your own four-step lesson plan
  • A template for the different stages
  • Discussion questions to stimulate conversations with colleagues.

Learning goals

After viewing this Magna 20 Minute Mentor, you’ll be able to:

  1. Get students focused and thinking immediately when class begins
  2. Plan multiple ways to present new material
  3. Increase student engagement through applications and interaction with the material
  4. Include reviews in each class that help students to understand and remember material

For everyone who teaches

Although it’s particularly useful for new instructors, anyone who teaches can benefit from this concise, insightful video seminar, and it’s a bargain at $99. 

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Meet Your Mentor:

Mary C. Clement, Ed.D.
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  • Supplemental Materials
  • Critical Reflection Worksheet
  • PowerPoint Handouts

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