How Can I Make My Exams More about Learning, Less about Grades?

Students usually hate exams, and they aren’t much fun for teachers either.

Rather than advancing the educational experience for learners or helping instructors evaluate students’ mastery of the material, exams can lead to “testy” interactions between students and faculty.

Learn how you can transform exams into enhanced opportunities for student learning in the Magna 20 Minute Mentor, How Can I Make My Exams More about Learning, Less about Grades?

Maryellen Weimer, Ph.D., widely published author, scholar, editor of The Teaching Professor, and award-winning educator, offers practical solutions to the three core problems with exams today, addressing limitations commonly found with:

  • Review sessions
  • The exams themselves
  • Exam debriefing practices

Activate learning by involving learners

Making exams better suit your learning goals requires student participation at every step of the process. Weimer shares real-world, tested guidelines for integrating student input, including:

  • Having students—as individuals, groups, and a class—think about what will be on an exam
  • Assigning preparation of review materials as a group project for students
  • Using development of test questions as a student assignment
  • Making students responsible for correcting exams

Learning after the test and harnessing crib sheets

You’ll see how reviewing test results can lead to teachable moments because it can help students develop their studying skills.

You’ll learn how to use crib sheets as an educational tool by collecting them and using them in post-exam discussions.

Learning goals

After completing this grading and feedback focused program, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify basic problems with higher education exams
  • Encourage students to take more responsibility for review sessions
  • Redesign exams to promote learning, problem solving, and integration and application of course content
  • Incorporate effective classroom policy design in your next syllabus

High scores for efficiency and value

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