How Do I Stay Calm When Students Push My Buttons?

Students aren’t always perfect.

Sometimes they can be downright rude, arrogant, and insulting.

How do you, as an instructor, keep your cool when your students are clambering on your LAST NERVE?

Brian Van Brunt, Ed.D., a counselor and an experienced higher education instructor, shares his approach in How Do I Stay Calm When Students Push My Buttons?, a Magna 20 Minute Mentor session.

We help you develop reasonable responses to students with unreasonable expectations or behavior. 

 After watching this focused 20-minute program, you will understand:·

  • The most important thing not to do
  • Techniques to keep your classroom management options open
  • How thinking like a detective can help you deal with problematic student behavior
  • Tips for engaging in positive conversation, even with negative students
  • A universal approach to handling button-pushing events

We include a role-playing demonstration, with Van Brunt demonstrating both ineffective and effective ways of handling conflict with a "typical" college student.

Learning goals

At the conclusion of this classroom management program you will:

  • Know the importance of setting behavioral expectations in your syllabus
  • Be prepared to stay calm when dealing with difficult behavior
  • Understand why aggressive or sarcastic responses are not helpful
  • Be aware of how a student’s motivation can influence behavior
  • Appreciate the importance of listening to students
  • Implement the five steps of the universal approach to handling button-pushing events.

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Meet Your Mentor:

Brian Van Brunt, Ed.D.
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  • Supplemental Materials
  • Critical Reflection Worksheet
  • PowerPoint Handouts

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