How to Detect and Prevent Plagiarism in the Online Classroom

Plagiarism | Distance Learning Challenge

Plagiarism has always been a thorn in the side of academia.

But with the advent of online classrooms, the need to learn new strategies for preventing and detecting plagiarism has never been greater.

Why has plagiarism become such a problem? 

Consider the current environment:

  • The Internet makes information easily accessible.
  • A tight employment market puts more pressure on students to achieve high grades.
  • The increasing number of online courses increases the number of students who will use the Internet to cheat.
  • The tie-in between good grades and financial aid eligibility may compel a student to act irresponsibly.

In this 60-minute seminar, presented by Errol Sull, you'll learn critical strategies to not only detect plagiarism, but also minimize the likelihood of it becoming a problem in your classroom.


Learn key methods for fighting online plagiarism, including:

  • How to minimize plagiarism in the online secondary classroom
  • Factors behind student plagiarism
  • Two forms of online plagiarism
  • What to do about plagiarism once it occurs

Today’s new digital environment means online plagiarism will only grow more prevalent.  We show you how to focus on preventative measures to provide a better learning experience for your students.

Who Should View How to Detect and Prevent Plagiarism in the Online Classroom

Because of the growing number of online courses, anyone in an academic setting will benefit from this course. It will particularly appeal to staff and faculty in these key positions:

  • Online instructors
  • Online teaching supervisors
  • Institution presidents
  • Deans
  • Provosts
  • Education directors
  • Human Resources personnel

The Discussion Guide for Facilitators

To help you boost student engagement, put the strategies you learned to work and find ways to share best practices, you also get a copy of the Discussion Guide for Facilitators.

About the Instructor

Errol Sull has been at the forefront of online learning, developing online teaching activities while teaching English Composition online for 16 years.  Selected by Dell as the “USA College Online Teacher of Excellence,” he is the author of four books, including an online text for Prentice-Hall on distance learning.  He has written numerous articles on distance learning for USA Today, eLearn, and the Distance Learning Journal, and is a columnist for Online Cl@ssroom

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Recorded: 5/17/2011
Running Time: 60 minutes
Audio with PowerPoint


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Bonus Materials on your seminar CD:
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  • Facillitator's Guide
  • Supplemental Materials
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