Keys to a Culture of Assessment: Value & Respect

Create Better Student Learning Outcomes

Mention “assessment” on campus and you could get some sighs and looks of resignation. But you can change all that.

In fact, you can create a thriving campus culture that embraces assessment as a means to better student learning outcomes and greater accountability.

Assessment can be a valuable tool that colleges and universities can use not only to identify shortcomings but also to emphasize strengths that differentiate schools and programs from competitors. Also, in an economic landscape dominated by recession and budget cutting, assessment can inform important budget decisions by identifying which programs and services have the greatest educational return on investment.

Learn how transform attitudes on your campus in Keys to a Culture of Assessment: Value and Respect. Presenter Linda Suskie shows you how to convert skeptics and opponents. Suskie, a vice president of the college and university accreditor Middle States Commission on Higher Education, is also the author of Assessment of Student Learning: A Common Sense Guide.

This 90-minute seminar reveals that progress doesn’t require more complex assessment strategies; in fact, simplifying assessment can often lead to better results. Suskie also explains the importance of supporting assessment efforts with appropriate resources and infrastructure, and she addresses how appropriate staffing helps change overall campus perceptions.

In Keys to a Culture of Assessment: Value & Respect you learn how to:

  • Convey to faculty and staff the value of and need for assessment;
  • Identify internal sources of resistance;
  • Incorporate campus history and values into assessment plans;
  • Engage and empower faculty by cultivating respect for their work;
  • Encourage innovation and risk-taking among faculty and staff;
  • Identify and advocate for appropriate resources to support assessment; and
  • Identify assessment coordinators who have the right traits to continue to promote and support a culture of assessment.

You come away with concrete ideas and proven strategies that will lead to a healthy, collaborative, and respectful culture of assessment, success, and constant improvement on your campus.

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Who will benefit from this seminar:

  • Chief executive officers
  • Chief academic officers
  • Deans
  • Assistant/associate provosts or vice presidents for academic affairs
  • Assessment coordinators/directors
  • Assessment committee members
  • Institutional research directors
  • Student development staff
  • Academic administrators
  • Faculty governance leaders
  • Department chairs

Unlock the potential in assessment: improve student learning and show ever-greater accountability. You don’t need different data; you need a different campus attitude. Purchase this valuable seminar that will transform your assessment climate.

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Recorded: 6/22/2011
Running Time: 90 minutes
Audio with PowerPoint


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