Social Media in Higher Education: Legal Considerations

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Social Media Legal Exposure: Are You Ready for the Risk?

If you’re not careful, it won’t take you very long to tweet your way into some kind of trouble. Social media is relatively new, very exciting, and rife with potential pitfalls.

If you don’t know what the risks are, you can get your institution into trouble with legal issues such as defamation, vicarious liability, copyright and trademark violations, and more.

But Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms don’t have to be danger zones loaded with legal landmines.

They can be just what they were intended to be: innovative and fresh ways to communicate with and engage students, alumni, and other populations.

The key to making this happen is evaluating social media options and developing a social media strategy that guides individual and institutional uses of various platforms.

It is possible to craft strategies that are neither cumbersome nor restrictive, and you can learn how in Social Media in Higher Education: Legal Considerations.

In this Magna Online Seminar learn about the most common social media legal issues and how to address them—and ultimately prevent them at your institution.

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This seminar is eligible for CLE credit in Florida and Wisconsin. Please note, many states have reciprocity with these states, check with your state CLE provider.

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