Student Affairs and Students of Concern: Law and Case Studies

Campus Legal Issues With Students of Concern

The need has never been greater for practical guidance that allows student affairs professionals to respond to behaviors of concern and threats without fear of negative legal consequences.

Preventing Tragedy & Protecting Privacy

While today’s student affairs professionals strive to stop the next violent incident before it happens, they must also avoid the legal landmines associated with campus threat assessment and intervention.

In this a 90-minute seminar, presented by Joshua Zugish, we give you the legal and practical guidance you need to protect your campus community.

Timely and effective intervention is the key to preventing violent incidents, but developing a top-notch program requires addressing strategic policy matters, such as:

  • Who should be on our threat assessment team?
  • How do you define a “direct threat”?
  • What should trigger mandatory assessments?
  • What about FERPA? ADA/Section 504?

Zugish tackles all these issues and more, including:

  • How to assemble a behavioral intervention team
  • Essential policies and documentation for threat assessments and behavioral intervention
  • Steps for building awareness of your work and promoting early intervention
  • A framework for building an “err on the side of reporting” culture on your campus.

Keeping It Legal

The legal implications of identifying students of concern, reporting these concerns, conducting threat assessment and organizing behavioral intervention aren’t only multiple and complex – they’re evolving.

Zugish explains common and emerging legal issues in the world of campus threat assessment.

Student affairs professionals need to be able to respond to threats and behaviors of concerns without fear of legal consequences – and this seminar gives you the practical guidance you need.

In Student Affairs and Students of Concern: Law and Case Studies you’ll learn:

We present a nuts and bolts overview of what student affairs professionals need to know about threat assessment and behavioral intervention. This seminar will help you:

  • Navigate legal landmines, like FERPA and ADA/Section 504
  • Compare your threat assessment process to today’s best practices
  • Expand and enhance your policies and practices regarding behavioral interventions, mandatory assessment, handling a direct threat and more
  • Respond to common but difficult situations with students of concern.

Who Should View

This is an intermediate level seminar for professionals working in public and private higher education institutions.  If you sit on or manage a behavioral intervention or threat assessment team, this is the session you need to help you upgrade your policies and practices.

It speaks directly to issues affecting the following campus departments:

  • Judicial Affairs
  • Housing
  • Case Management
  • Counseling
  • Law Enforcement/Campus Security
  • Human Resources
  • Student Affairs.

About the Presenter

Joshua Zugish, a frequent lecturer on law and threat assessment, is a member of the behavioral and threat assessment team at Colorado State University. As Associate Legal Counsel of the Colorado State University System, he works extensively with the Division of Student Affairs.  In addition to his work on law and threat assessment, he handles a variety of litigation matters for the Colorado State University System. 

More Than a Lecture

Even with his years of legal experience, Joshua Zugish uses a straightforward and conversational style in his presentations.  Screen shots of example notes clarify key points. 

Additional materials, including lists of do’s and don’ts, sample forms you can adapt for your institution and sample documents, will help you put what you’ve learned into practice right away.

Make Threat Assessment a Campus-Wide Priority

Making your campus safe for everyone requires a team effort and, thanks to Magna’s pricing structure, you can afford to invite the whole team to this practical training session. Magna’s video online seminar fees are assessed on a per site basis – not per person – so everyone involved with threat assessment and behavioral intervention can gather in one location and enjoy this nuts and bolts overview.

The Discussion Guide for Facilitators

You also receive a copy of the Discussion Guide for Facilitators, which will help you create an “err on the side of reporting” culture.  You’ll get instructions for keeping the conversation going, finding ways to share best practices and implementing the strategies you learned.

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Recorded: 7/12/2011
Running Time: 90 minutes
Video with PowerPoint


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