Summarizing and Using Assessment Results

Improving Learning Outcomes

Shout it from the rooftops...or maybe whisper it in the boardroom.

However you feel about your assessment results, you owe it to your constituents to communicate your findings.

You need to turn raw data into a story about what you are doing well and areas where you are improving.

Yes, your results probably won’t all be good news, but even disappointing results need to be shared if they are to be improved.

Disappointing outcomes lead to improvements in expected learning outcomes, tweaks to the curriculum, or the exploration of new teaching methods.

Linda Suskie, a passionate national higher education assessment expert and a vice president of the college and university accreditor Middle States Commission on Higher Education, helps you put your assessment results to work.

In 90 minutes, Suskie prepares you to:

  • Identify the purpose of a particular assessment;
  • Clarify the decisions that assessment results may inform;
  • Share results in useful, meaningful ways;
  • Identify teaching strategies that foster deep, lasting learning;
  • Lead discussions on possible factors leading to disappointing assessment results; and
  • Explain the “Suskie 50 percent” rule that can help you identify successful and unsuccessful outcomes.

Unlock the power in your assessment data. Learn to make the most of it by communicating successes, refining goals, modifying or eliminating flawed assessments, and linking assessments to budgeting. 

Who should view Summarizing and Using Assessment Results:    

  •      Chief academic officers
  •      Deans
  •      Assistant/associate provosts or vice presidents for academic affairs
  •      Assessment coordinators/directors
  •      Assessment committee members
  •      Institutional research directors
  •      Student development staff
  •      Academic administrators
  •      Faculty governance leaders
  •      Department chairs
  •      Planning officers

What do your assessments say about your strengths and weaknesses? What do they tell you about your goals and the effectiveness of your curriculum and pedagogy? Your assessment story has the answers. Start telling it.

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Recorded: 7/13/2011
Running Time: 90 minutes
Audio with PowerPoint


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2. Mail/Fax in form
3. Phone: 800-433-0499 ext. 2

Bonus Materials on your seminar CD:
  • PDF Transcript
  • Facillitator's Guide
  • Supplemental Materials
  • PowerPoint Handouts

Linda Suskie
Teaching Professor

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