Tabletop Exercises for Threat Assessment Teams

One of the best tools in crisis-response planning is scenario-based training – using hypothetical situations to inform real-world responses.

You and your team will encounter legal, ethical, and other issues that complicate the urgent need to respond in a crisis on your campus.

This tool helps you build a situation-based crisis management training program.

It's led by Brian Van Brunt, Ed.D., director of the Counseling and Testing Center at Western Kentucky University and past president of the American College Counseling Association. Brian is also a member of his campus’s behavioral intervention team, an EMT, and a crisis counselor

The result is an exceptionally rich training experience you’ll want to share with your campus crisis team.


In Tabletop Exercises for Threat Assessment Teams we discuss a number of scenarios.

We address eight distinct crises you may encounter on campus:

  • Drug and gun violence threats
  • Bi-polar assault
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Suicidal students
  • Eating disorders
  • Domestic violence
  • Odd social behavior
  • Violent video game talk

Discussion questions are included, at three levels: basic, moderate, and advanced.

You also receive commentary from several of our 20 experts is included for each scenario. Experts Include: Saundra K. “Saunie” Schuster, Gregory Eells, Ph.D., Gary Pavella, Perry Francis, Ed.D., and Michael C. Sachs, MA, J.D..

The program also includes a CD for facilitators/directors, in which Van Brunt explains how to use the program to its greatest effect.

You also receive brief profiles and contact information for all the experts who contributed to the manual.

Train others campus-wide with Tabletop Exercises for Threat Assessment Teams …

Share your manual with threat-assessment and behavior-intervention teams to keep your students safe.

  • Student Affairs
  • Residence Life
  • Counseling staff
  • CERT Staff
  • CEPAR Staff

Prepare your campus threat assessment team by ordering this valuable training tool today.

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Exceptional value

  • Effective scenario-based training.
  • Eight crisis situations common on today's campuses.
  • Situations address legal, ethical, and other issues faced by crisis teams.
  • Pre- and post-tests access your team's initial knowledge and knowledge after the program.
  • Discussion questions at basic, moderate, and advanced levels.
  • Facilitator CD so you can use the program to its greatest effect.
  • "Lessons Learned" section recaps the most critical points of each scenario.
  • Commentary from 20 threat assessment experts.


Brian Van Brunt, Ed.D.

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