What Do I Need to Know About Referring Students for Help?

Sooner or later, whether it’s a student falling dangerously behind, exhibiting disturbing behavior, or something completely different, you’re bound to encounter students who need more than you can give them.

It’s still your job to guide challenged students toward available services, and this Magna 20 Minute Mentor shows you how to meet your mentoring responsibilities.

Campus tragedies highlight the crucial importance of skilled referrals. In this focused professional development program, Brian Van Brunt, Ed.D.,  an experienced educator and director of counseling and testing at Western Kentucky University, shares the following:

  • Specific techniques to make sure you and your students know about available resources
  • Appropriate times, places and approaches for talking with students who might need assistance
  • Tips for working with students with disabilities
  • Guidelines for what to report, when and to whom

Learning goals

This fast and focused program features five key approaches you can use immediately to help your students and protect your campus community.

After viweing this program you will be able to:

  • Locate resources for students and make sure students know how to access them
  • Effectively facilitate student referrals
  • Adopt counseling techniques to make referrals
  • Make effective ADA/academic referrals
  • Make effective classroom management/conduct referrals

In less time than it might take you to do a Web search for “student support,” you’ll learn how to make referrals that “stick” and make sure your students get the assistance they need. Order What Do I Need to Know About Referring Students for Help? today!

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Meet Your Mentor:

Brian Van Brunt, Ed.D.
Bonus Materials on CD:
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  • Supplemental Materials
  • Critical Reflection Worksheet
  • PowerPoint Handouts

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