What to Teach When There Isn't Time to Teach Everything

More Effective Use of Class Time

The Teaching Professor Newsletter Faculty members have always faced time constraints when planning their courses, but the information age is now making it even harder to decide what to cover in a semester…and what to leave out.

The exponential growth of Internet data access has made the professor’s role as central content provider less critical.

This means reevaluating teaching methods, revising syllabi, and making more effective use of class time.

Students today can access plentiful information on their own; what they need most now are skills in how to analyze, apply, and make meaning of the data and other resources they encounter.

This is a fundamental paradigm shift which changes the way professors conduct business in the classroom.  

Are you ready to embrace the future learning model?

Curriculum designer and experienced educator Ruth Rodgers shows you what you must include, and what you can safely disregard, as you write your syllabi and plan your busy semesters.

In 75-minutes we cover:

  • The three BIG questions that will guide your teaching decisions
  • Why the Internet has created new learning opportunities in the classroom
  • How to think like a teacher, rather than a subject matter expert
  • Maximizing instruction regardless of time constraints
  • Determining the processes and resources students need most
  • Helping students integrate into the culture of their field of study
  • Recognizing the critical knowledge and skills to emphasize
  • Meaningful teaching in the information age
  • What to explore, and what to ignore, in your classroom

You also get a worksheet designed to guide you in revising existing courses while developing a template for future content decisions and a list of take-away self-assessment questions.

Who will benefit from this seminar?

  • Professors
  • Instructional designers
  • Educational/faculty developers
  • New program developers
  • Curriculum specialists

Includes a Discussion Guide for Facilitators

Viewing this Magna Online Seminar as a team can help leverage unique insights, foster collaboration, and build momentum for change. We include a Discussion Guide for Facilitators which provides step-by-step instructions for generating productive discussions and thoughtful reflection. You also get guidelines for continuing the conversation after the event, implementing the strategies discussed, and creating a feedback loop for sharing best practices and challenges.


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Recorded: 8/26/2010
Running Time: 75 minutes
Audio with PowerPoint


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