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Group Online Subscription with LMS Accessibility

A Group Online Subscription provides computer access to Magna newsletters via the internet for a large number of people simultaneously and asynchronously. Online delivery provides a budget-friendly alternative to the higher cost of purchasing individual print subscriptions.

Here’s how a Group Online Subscription works:

  • Your college or university purchases a site license covering your entire campus community or a single department.
  • We provide a unique authorization code to your designated administrator of the subscription.
  • This authorization code is distributed to eligible members of your campus community by the administrator.
  • Eligible subscribers are encouraged to establish a personal account to gain access to the subscription at no additional cost.
  • Once signed up, subscribers can opt to receive an update email each time a new issue is published; these email notices contain links to individual articles and to a PDF of the entire new issue. They can even subscribe to an RSS feed that alerts them of updates.
  • Additionally, your Group Online Subscribers have access to online newsletter archives.

Now includes...

A single sign-on through your LTI-compliant Learning Management System, so your subscription is immediately available to you and all your colleagues. This also means colleagues can share direct content links to material they find of interest – with instant connections and no logins required.

Additionally, you can measure subscription usage, by accessing metrics that will tell you:

  • Articles accessed
  • Newsletters accessed

Our LMS Access works with the majority or LTE-compliant Learning Management Systems including:

Blackboard logo    Brightspace logo

Advantages to a Group Online Subscription:

  • Unlimited number of subscribers at any institution.
  • Instant access to new issues.
  • Access is available on or off-campus at your convenience.
  • Digital issues reach more staff, with faster access, at a lower cost.
  • Search online archives of past issues.
  • Eliminate inefficient routing of print newsletters.

For more information and to subscribe:

Call: 1-800-433-0499



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