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Distance Education Report

This newsletter brings subscribers the latest news and views about online learning... case studies, best practices, analysis from our experienced editors, and key contributions from your peers nationwide. Twice monthly, it delivers valuable insight on creating, implementing, and managing distance education programs.

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What you need to know to run a distance education program

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Technology has disrupted the conventional structure of higher education in many ways. Perhaps the most dramatic example is the rise and proliferation of distance education programs.

As colleges and universities develop and manage these programs, they will face important and often unexpected questions:

  • How should an online education vendor partner be selected?
  • What's the best way to assess and evaluate a program?
  • How can student retention rates be boosted?
  • How can distance education programs be effectively promoted and marketed?

Concerned faculty and administrators are debating these issues to do the best for their schools and their students.

To stay on top of the discussion, subscribe to Distance Education Report, the newsletter from Magna Publications that helps you manage and run a successful online learning program, from the "big picture" to the nuts and bolts.

You値l get timely insights and practical advice to keep your distance education program moving forward.
Each issue addresses topical questions and provides well-researched perspectives.

You値l also get instructional case studies and best practices from other schools that you can apply almost immediately to enhance your own distance learning experience.

Discover how your peers are making distance education programs work for them, their students, and their schools in Distance Education Report.

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