The Effective Use of Technology in Online Education

I’m nearing the ten-year anniversary of becoming the director of online education at my institution. Over that decade, I’ve had the opportunity to attend dozens of national conferences related to online and distance education, and to hear hundreds of keynote and breakout sessions on the topic of technology.

Monthly Metric

Which phrase best describes your online program’s quality and learning assessment efforts?

The Seven Hallmarks of Excellence in Online Leadership

The University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA) has recently released “Hallmarks of Excellence in Online Leadership,” an in-depth study that for the first time spells out the individual elements of successful administrative leadership of university online programs and illustrates clearly and in detail how these seven elements can be practiced, supported and meaningfully assessed.

In the News

Online undergraduate and graduate college programs are growing at 15 percent a year, but will soon be a thing of the past. As will campus-based programs. Both will give way to an agile approach in which the technology and design of a program are indifferent to modality. Courses will be online, on-campus, or a blend of the two; marketing and recruiting will be integrated, as will student support and placement.