Three Steps to Building Institutional Support for Blended Learning

“Building an effective blended learning culture needs strategic partners across multiple campus constituents and not just faculty. “Strong support from higher-up administration coupled with faculty go a long way towards the acceptance of such alternative learning strategies across campus.” This idea is from Sunay Palsole, Ph.D., associate vice provost for digital learning at the University of Texas at San Antonio. In a recent presentation for the 12th annual Online Learning Consortium Blended Learning Conference and Workshop 2015, he discussed several ways to build institutional support for blended learning by working with various campus offices. He shared three such ideas with DER.

Accessibility Online: Let’s Be Ready Before They Have To Ask

Ready on arrival--that’s how our online classes are supposed to be for students with disabilities. And that applies even when instructors have no disabled students enrolled. If that idea creates resentment in you or your online faculty based on the substantial amount of work involved in making our classes accessible, take a minute to think about the equivalent in the physical world.

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Does your school make specially reduced tuition rates for target groups available to distance learning students?