New Study Highlights Best Adjunct Policies and Practices

Writing in the Spring issue of the Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration, the trio report on a study that surveyed 603 adjunct faculty members teaching online. The results suggest steps that institutions of higher education can take to help these faculty member function effectively.

Does Class Size Matter?

I’ve been the director of online education at my institution since 2007. One question I’ve been asked many times over the years is “What is the optimal number of students to have in an online class?” My usual response is to pretend I haven’t heard and walk away as quickly as possible.

To MOOC or Not to MOOC? Five Questions to Ask Yourself

Both large and small educational institutions feel compelled to respond to internal and external stakeholders about MOOC development, and for those institutions unable to partner with an organization such as Coursera or edX, there can be a number of considerations. Here are some useful questions to ask yourself as you consider MOOC development for your institution.

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