A New Approach to Online Faculty Development from World Campus

As our faculty population continues to include more contingent and adjunct faculty, the experience and breadth of teaching practices that faculty are bringing to the institution are increasingly varied.


Does your distance learning program offer access to a help desk?

What Do Students Really Want from Online Instructors?

Over the past nine years, Iíve had the pleasure of seeing approximately 200 instructors at my institution develop and teach their first online course. Iíve witnessed instructors excited by the opportunity, but Iíve also observed many who were hesitant or even fearful of teaching online.


Stopping Stop-Outs: Online Enrollments in Community Colleges April 20, 2016 By Carl Straumsheim, Inside Higher Ed An improving economy is leading to lower enrollments at community colleges, according to a new report. Can online programs help stanch the flow? Online courses have for years driven enrollment growth at community colleges, but as more students take their chances in the job market, institutions face new challenges to retain them, a new study has found. During the height of the…