Bringing Online Programs to Small Institutions

Small institutions face their own unique set of challenges when it comes to starting an online program. “There are commonalities among small institutions as they think about their place in online learning,” says Vickie Cook, director of the Center for Online Learning, Research, and Service at the University of Illinois Springfield. She has a depth of expertise in this area due to her work at U of I, which has 5,400 students and 1,700 online majors in 20 programs, both undergraduate and graduate. Cook discussed with DER some of the keys to success for online programs at small institutions.

Balancing Standardized and Flexible Course Content

How much of an online course should be standardized? It’s a question that has important implications for institutions, instructors, and students in the online space. In an interview with Distance Education Report, Melanie Kasparian, Online Experiential Learning Developer/Instructional Designer at Northeastern University, offered advice on what to consider in striking a balance between standardization and flexibility.

In the News

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Best Practice Checklist for Working with Third Party Vendors, Pt. 2

Here is the second part of WCET’s best practice checklist (the first part was featured in the February 15, 2015 issue of DER), with the steps to take after the decision has been made to work with an outside vendor. Completion Checklist Action Institutional Notes Yes No N/A   If Vendor: Accreditation, RFP Thoughts? The institution had determined they are moving forward to investigate third party vendors.  Now what? …

Monthly Metric

What was the total number of students enrolled in your distance education program last fall semester?   Mean Median Minimum Maximum Entire sample * 1190 0 * Broken out by type of institution   Mean Median Minimum   Maximum Community college 3438.5 1879 289 14054 BA granting * 315 15 * Advanced degree 2921.63 2687.5 0 6500 Broken out by public or private status   Mean Median Minimum   Maximum Public * 1879 20 * Private 161.25 47.50 0 550 Broken out by annual tuition   Mean Median Minimum   Maximum * 1758 289 * $3000 - $10,000 2708.67 2787.5 20 6500 > $10,000 189 80 0 550 Broken out by enrollment in distance learning courses …