Update on New State Authorization Facts

State authorization continues to be an issue much on the mind of higher education administrators. DER recently sat down with Russ Poulin, interim co-executive director and deputy director, research and analysis for WCET, to learn more about current and upcoming developments and what colleges and universities should be doing now.

Seven Reasons You Should Be Surveying Your Online Students and Faculty

One danger of being so consumed with taking care of urgent requests from the provost or averting a faculty revolt is that non-pressing, yet really important tasks - surveying your online students and faculty, for example - can keep getting shifted to the bottom of your “to-do” list. “I’ll prepare that survey tomorrow and hopefully send it out next week.” Oh the number of times I’ve said that. But a survey or surveys like this are actually among the more important things you can do as an online administrator. Here are seven reasons why I would encourage you to move “surveying your online students and faculty” up your to-do list rather than down.

How Nonprofit Private Colleges Can Catch Up In the Online Market

“Nonprofit private colleges lag behind their public and for-profit counterparts in offering online programs. As a result, administrative structures to manage online programs at those institutions may be underdeveloped.” In order to be competitive, such schools need to understand how administrative structures can support online programs and “strategically position themselves to be more competitive with other sectors of higher education in the nontraditional adult education space.”

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