Online Classroom

Online Classroom

Online Classroom newsletter has been helping educators develop and define the world of online education since its inception in 2001. Issue after issue, we look at the challenges and opportunities presented by this dynamic, fast-growing teaching medium.


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The core mission of online instruction is the same as for traditional, face-to-face instruction: to educate students in a particular subject.

However, the teachers and administrators responsible for their school's online education environment also face unprecedented questions and concerns.

For example, how can they proctor students in remote locations? How can they help online learners become more autonomous? How should they handle distressed or disruptive online learners?

To stay abreast of this rapidly evolving landscape, a subscription to Online Classroom from Magna Publications can help you understand the current trends, challenges, ideas, and pedagogical insights for effective online instruction.

Every month, you'll get clear, informed analysis of timely issues. You'll get strategies and practical tips for developing online education at your school.

You'll see what's working at other institutions and how instructors and administrators are coping with the exciting and sometimes bewildering online teaching experience. 

Edited by John Orlando, an expert with extensive credentials in how faculty can use technology to improve learning, Online Classroom draws on the knowledge of specialists from esteemed institutions, including Penn State University, Northern Virginia Community College, and North Georgia College & State University.

Whether you already have online education in place or you're thinking about establishing it, understanding the underlying issues—and having access to tools and tips that you can apply almost immediately—can accelerate the efficiency and effectiveness of your programs.

Subscribing to Online Classroom is an investment in the future of your institution that will pay handsome dividends for years to come.

See for yourself by subscribing today. Or check out our group subscription options for even greater savings.

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