Online Course Activities to Increase Student Engagement

I have learned that a few simple instructor activities greatly increase student engagement in an online course. Here are some of the most effective activities you can use in your courses.

The Benefits of a Class Newsletter

It used to be that students were expected to get all of their course information from the lecture, including the syllabus and announcements. If students missed a lecture, they were expected to ask another student what happened.

Three Tools for Improving Student Work

So many educational technology tools, so little time. From word processing to citation tools to storyboards to blogging to graphic organizers, the list of tech tools that can potentially improve student work is extensive. Three tools, in particular, that will enhance students’ work and the quality of their writing are word clouds, Voki or Tellagami speaking avatars, and Padlet, a collaborative whiteboard.

Virtual Reality for Education

Interest in virtual reality (VR) has exploded over the past year, with news agencies, sports teams, and gaming companies creating VR content. But its adoption in education has been hampered by confusion between two different meanings of the term. When VR first emerged a number of years ago, it referred to animated worlds that users explored as avatars, with the most famous being Second Life. While some educational institutions made interesting use of it, initial enthusiasm fizzled.

The Power of Cell Phones in Online Education

The Pew Research Center reports that: 99.8 percent of college students have cell phones and 91 percent of adults (18–29) use cell phones to access social networking sites