Recruitment & Retention in Higher Education

Recruitment & Retention in Higher Education

This newsletter helps you meet the fundamental challenges facing educational institutions…to get and keep the students most likely to thrive and contribute to your campus community. Every issue is filled with insights from both our editorial board and contributors from colleges and universities nationwide, helping you build a dynamic and successful program.


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Discover the best practices in admissions and retention

The competition for students has grown fiercer.

Households seriously weigh school costs against promised advantages.

Students who balance their education with the competing demands of a job or family responsibilities search for schools that can best help them.

And online courses have become a significant factor when students evaluate your offerings. 
But enrolling students at your institution is only half the battle.

Retaining them for two or four years and sometimes longer poses its own challenges. In addition to the caliber of teachers and coursework, schools need to find fresh ways to reach out and keep students engaged through graduation.

For great ideas on growing and maintaining your student body, subscribe to Recruitment & Retention in Higher Education, a monthly newsletter from the National Center for Student Life, a division of Magna Publications, that helps you attract and retain the students most likely to thrive and contribute to your campus community.

Each issue helps you stay on top of the trends driving admission in higher education and how to leverage them at your school.

You'll get practical ideas from schools around the country for coming up with your own plans, policies, and procedures.

You'll develop a sharper understanding of the audience that you're reaching out to—what they need, what they're looking for, and how your school can provide it.

The schools that will thrive today must know how to capture the interest of potential students and know the techniques for holding them for the long term. A subscription to Recruitment & Retention in Higher Educationarms you with effective methods, enlightening insights, and ready-to-use ways for ensuring a robust student body population.

Subscribe today! A group subscription can stretch your budget even further. 

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