Service-Learning Course Design Workshop

If you're ready to design a thoughtful and deeply impactful service-learning course, here is the perfect opportunity to jumpstart the process.

This two-part workshop on CD is led by Dr. Barbara Jacoby, the foremost authority on how to design, develop, and execute a successful service-learning course.

You will with a tangible product: a new or redesigned syllabus developed with personal feedback from our expert presenter.

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Influential Leadership in Distance Education

Influential Leadership in Distance Education: Understanding the 9 Behaviors That Make a Difference

It's time to think bigger about your potential as a distance education leader

Rather than just fulfilling the duties of your current position, this summer you can broaden your perspective and prepare to become a real mover and shaker in this fast-growing field. By fall, you could be ready to make dramatic leaps forward, both in your unit and in your professional career.

You will emerge from this workshop with an action plan, developed under expert guidance and ready for immediate implementation at your school.

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Creating an Evaluation Process

Creating an Evaluation Process for Online Faculty Members

Like most colleges and universities, yours is probably seeing a sharp increase in the number of faculty teaching online. Which prompts the question, how are they doing?

If you can't answer that immediately, you're not alone: Many institutions have ramped up their online teaching efforts, only to find that they don't have tools for evaluating the quality of instruction.

This workshop on CD will help you develop the tools you need to provide meaningful, accurate evaluation of your distance-learning faculty.

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