The 12th Annual Teaching Professor Conference

Year after year, college faculty mark the end to the spring term by attending The Teaching Professor Conference. It’s the perfect venue to reflect, recharge, and rejuvenate while gaining a wealth of instructional ideas and valuable insights.

The three-day conference is packed with learning opportunities designed to enrich your teaching practice. There are preconference workshops that provide hands-on learning, plenary sessions keynoted by nationally-recognized experts, carefully selected concurrent sessions on a range of relevant topics, poster presentations highlighting the latest research, and all sorts of occasions for informal interaction.

But as educational as this event is, what faculty members tell us makes the conference so memorable is the energy that surrounds it. Faculty attend because they are passionate about teaching. When you bring together more than 1,000 people who are all interested in teaching that promotes learning, there’s an enthusiasm that’s infectious.

Participants willingly share ideas, insights, experiences, information, and resources. They raise issues and ask questions as they explore topics in sessions, between them, and during meals. The conference makes possible the kind of collegial exchange that supports and invigorates teachers.

No warm fuzzies … no arcane academic theories … no stuffy, “my brain is bigger than your brain” presentations. Just proven ideas and new techniques shared by faculty who are teaching in the college classroom every day.

Make no mistake. The information presented at The Teaching Professor Conference is grounded in sound pedagogical research. The content is hands-on, practical, and applicable, so that you can implement what you learn as soon as you return to campus.

Each year, The Teaching Professor Conference features sessions around these seven topical areas:

  • Instructional Design
  • Activities that Engage Students
  • Teaching Specific Types of Students
  • Instructional Vitality: Ways to Keep Teaching Fresh and Invigorated
  • Teaching and Learning with Technology
  • Creating Climates for Learning
  • Faculty Development

We do hope you can join us in Atlanta, May 29-31, 2015 for the 12th Annual Teaching Professor Conference. Regardless of the discipline you teach or your experience level, you'll leave the conference with actionable solutions for creating a better learning environment.

Download the Executive Summary

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