The Teaching Professor Technology Conference

The 2015 Teacher Professor Technology Conference has ended

The Teaching Professor Technology Conference New Orleans 2015At The Teaching Professor Technology Conference, you'll take a close look at the diverse technologies that are influencing the ways teachers teach and students learn today—and, at the same time, discover pedagogically effective ways to integrate these new technologies in your courses and on your campus.

At this three-day conference, October 2-4, 2015, you'll join faculty, instructional designers, faculty developers, educational technology leaders, and other higher education professionals curious about new ways that technology is altering the learning environment.

The 2015 Teaching Professor Technology Conference will include sessions on:

  • Faculty Development
  • Course Design
  • Legal Issues and Policy
  • Grading and Feedback
  • Student Engagement
  • Content Delivery

If you’ve attended The Teaching Professor Technology Conference in the past, then you already know how engaging and invigorating the conference is.

As fellow conference participants have said, there is simply no better way to learn the newest ideas about pedagogy, hear the latest research concerning technology in the classroom, collaborate with colleagues, and recharge your batteries than by attending The Teaching Professor Technology Conference.

As with all our Teaching Professor events, this conference enables you to hear lively presenters, broaden your professional development, and network with colleagues in a collegial and cooperative atmosphere.

Whether you teach courses that are face-to-face, online, blended, flipped, or all of the above, The Teaching Professor Technology Conference can help you create a richer learning experience for your students and a more rewarding teaching experience for yourself.

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