"The BEST conference I have attended in the past 5 years!"
P.P., Professor, University of Central Arkansas

"Lots of practical ideas to use in the classroom. Loved the creativeness of the presentations and the use of technology. I really came away with a lot of ideas I can use"
D.G., Professor and Dept. Chair, Metropolitan State University - Denver

"This conference was PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT HEAVEN for me and as a first time attendee, I am so reinvigorated and more deeply energized to teach, engage and inspire students!"
N.B-N., Professor, Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning

"I just loved this conference - and will highly recommend it! I've been teaching for 15 years - 15 years! and I've never had the opportunity to really talk about teaching! All of my faculty development has been in my field. This was a big risk for me - wasn't sure there would be anything I could use - and I found something to use in every single session. It was transformative. Now that I have a tiny foundation from the conference - I'm able to really know what to look for - I've been listening to teaching podcasts, reading everything I can find - it really has been phenomenal!"
J.N., Associate Professor, Luther College

"The fact that I did not skip any meetings to tour museums and sights of Washington is a tribute to the excellent content and organization of the meeting."
S.Z., Associate Professor, University of Central Missouri

"This was one of the best conferences I have ever attended. I learned so much USEFUL information that I can implement right away in my classes."
J.M., Assistant Professor, Salem Community College

"I loved the opportunity to talk about teaching with other dynamic faculty who are passionate about teaching. Everyone was kind, welcoming, and not pretentious. I hope to attend the conference for many years to come."
2016 Teaching Professor Conference Attendee

"I was a first time attendee. You WOWed me! I'll be back AND plan to bring several coworkers with me. Wide variety of lectures to choose from, just outstanding! To move 1000 people around in an organized fashion...WOW....you knocked it out of the park! I am looking forward to next year in St. Louis!"
2016 Teaching Professor Conference Attendee

"A great conference with abundant variety and excellent networking opportunity."
D.C., Assistant Professor, Southwestern Assemblies of God University

"Excellent work done! The presentations were wonderful! I have been to so many conferences where I come away with nothing. This one gave me so many ideas."
M.P., Instructional Technology Manager, St. Petersburg College

“The opportunity to learn, reflect, and be encouraged that there are that many professors who REALLY care about teaching and reaching their students!”
2015 Teaching Professor Conference Attendee

"The conference addresses many topics that are of interest. Presenters are experienced educators who have practical knowledge and are willing to share their successes with attendees.”
D.C., West Georgia Technical College

“This was my 8th time participating in a Teaching Professor Conference and once again, I was surprised by how much I learned and was encouraged to share, and very fortunate in experiencing high quality sessions. I was very careful in choosing sessions that pushed me outside my comfort zones and usual interests teaching practices, and this definitely allowed more challenge and critical reflection. The one exception allowed me to focus on what to avoid in my own classroom!”
S.G., University of Alberta

“I liked that everyone at the conference was there in spirit of teaching. The energy of the conference was positive!”
2015 Teaching Professor Conference Attendee

"I most enjoyed that the ideas that were put forward and the sessions I attended all actually gave strategies to implement. Instead of saying - we need to be better at teaching critical thinking, the sessions said let's be better at teaching critical thinking - AND here are some ways to try that. Overwhelmingly helpful."
M.A., Baker University

“I learned so many innovative ideas and the ability to speak with others about how to implement them in the classroom was wonderful. The ideas were applicable to the teaching I do. I got so many ideas at the conference it will be hard to implement them all because of time. I feel like I have enough ideas to last me a few years.”
2015 Teaching Professor Conference Attendee

“I loved the practical ready to use ideas. I've already implemented several of them in my summer classes.”
K.T., Samford University

“I gained a lot of techniques that I will implement within my classroom.”
B.P., Minot State University

"I left the conference with my head buzzing, full of ideas that I was ready to implement in my courses and share and discuss with my colleagues. I greatly enjoyed the three days!”
T.C., Mt. San Antonio College

"I came back to my campus full of ideas ready to implement. So much energy! I wish I had believed what I had read about this conference before. I sure would have joined this group years ago.”
M.A., Franklin Pierce University

"The Teaching Professor Conference was insightful and engaging. Sessions were just the right amount of time to deliver the content and stay engaged. I was able to learn practical ways to integrate new active learning activities into my classroom.”
J.H., Wisconsin Indianahead Tech College

“I have attended many conferences in my almost two decades of teaching. For many years, I had heard about the Teaching Professor Conference. I am thrilled that I finally got to attend. I will be back and will bring others with me! I will recommend it for faculty members at all phases-early middle, and seasoned. The content was exceptional; I learned! The collegial tone of the conference made it easy to engage in the process. The organization of the conference was well done. Just exceptional! Thank you!”
2015 Teaching Professor Conference Attendee

“The conference had something to offer both new faculty and seasoned veteran faculty. I will without hesitation recommend it to my colleagues.”
2015 Teaching Professor Conference Attendee

“A dynamic conference stuffed with all kinds of great ideas. My head was spinning with a variety of strategies to try in my classroom and a wealth of activities to offer faculty.”
C.K., Lansing Community College

“I found in the conference almost everything that I encounter during the teaching-learning process. I have filled myself with practical ideas that I can implement in my own teaching environment in the coming fall semester. I will recommend my colleagues to attend the coming 2016 conference.”
2015 Teaching Professor Conference Attendee

"I have attended many conferences and this by far is the creme-de-la-creme of learning a variety of pedagogical practices in college teaching! ”
D.C., San Diego Christian College

"I have been to a lot of conferences and this is my first year for this particular one. I got more out of these two and a half days than I have with some that last a week. Topics were meaningful, practical and relevant."
S.G., University of North Texas

"This is an excellent conference to inspire and rejuvenate your teaching. All faculty no matter what their discipline would benefit from attending."
C.H., Auburn Montgomery

“Overall this was a great conference. It was jam packed with a lot of great presentations and good ideas. It was like being a kid in a candy store with all of the really interesting sessions.”
K.R. Oregon Institute of Technology

“This was an excellent conference for all educators in all disciplines and of all levels of experience! It was sometimes difficult to decide which session to attend because there were so many I wanted to participate in!”
P.H., Texas A&M University-Kingsville

“The conference was well organized. It was easy to know what was going to happen next. I thought the vast majority of the presenters were very good.”
2015 Teaching Professor Conference Attendee

“I love the cooperative, collegial atmosphere of The Teaching Professor Conference. Everyone is pulling in the same direction, toward enhanced student learning.”
A.W., Our Lady of the Lake College

“I loved networking and meeting people from around the globe. When I attend the Teaching Professor Conference I feel welcomed and at home. This is about the fifth time I've been in attendance at the conference… I look forward to a new school year every fall because I can always count on implementing new teaching strategies learned at the conference into my class.”
P.S., City Colleges of Chicago

“I love the plenaries, the preconference sessions, and the selection of the 75-minute sessions. I commend the organizing committee. I know there have to be issues and stresses, but the conference seems to run perfectly.”
B.B., SAIT Polytechnic

“This conference is like summer camp for adults. You learn new skills, make new friends and even sing some songs.”
T.D., Nichols College

“Awesome conference! The main takeaway for me was having the opportunity to be around liked minded individuals sharing amazing tips, ideas and knowledge.”
D.L., Post University

"I received lots of great teaching ideas and enjoyed meeting teachers from all over North America and exchanging teaching experiences and ideas with them."
2015 Teaching Professor Conference Attendee

“The networking with all the other professor's College, University alike all came together with a common goal of helping our students to strive and attain academic excellence.”
K.M., St. Clair College

“Overall, this conference was extremely worth the time coming. The information gained was extremely valuable for me and my teaching goals. I felt I learned alot and was able to take back many new ideas and strategies to use and present to fellow faculty.”
D.D., Rivier University

“This conference was one of the very best I've ever attended. Every session offered valuable information that I will be able to utilize immediately in my courses.”
J.S., Southwest Wisconsin Technical College

“Not only is the conference experience a valuable professional development opportunity for the participant, but also the copious handouts and resources provide an institutional professional development legacy.”
M.D., Saskatchewan Polytechnic

"This is one of the best organized, well-run conferences that I have attended in my 30 years of attending and presenting at national conferences."
D.M., Indiana University Southeast

“This was my first Teaching Professor Conference, but it certainly will not be the last! I was impressed with the caliber of the speakers and the wide range of topics covered. I come from a Dental Hygiene community college setting and didn't think this conference would be relevant to me, but I was wrong! Our fellow nursing faculty at the college raved about this conference and I'm glad I listened to them. I look forward to attending in D.C.!”
L.T., Middlesex County College

“This is my 3rd conference and I will continue to attend. I just finished my 37th year as a professor, but before that I was (and always will be) a teacher. Depending on the class size, content, and level of students, I have morphed into hybrid, flipped, and on-line teaching as it works for me and the students.... but I am always looking for new approaches.....”
C.S., Montana State University-Bozeman

“This was my first time attending this conference and I can't wait to go to the next one!”
F.D., Onondaga Community College

"This was my second time attending The Teaching Professor Conference, and I will come every year that I can. Both conferences gave me new ideas, concrete examples and materials, and inspiration to try new techniques and strategies. The Teaching Professor Conference makes me feel invigorate