Cynthia Olvera

Cynthia Olvera

Risk Mgmt & Org. Development Services, Dept of Student Activities, Texas A&M University

Cyn Olvera is the perfect mix of Southern hospitality and Latina sassiness! She provides a welcoming environment for idea and information sharing but be prepared, she is not your average presenter.

With a sense of humor and years of experience advising student leaders, she takes a practical approach to empowering students and advisors to think proactively regarding such topics as risk management and cultural shifts in student organizations.

Cyn wants to spread the word that risk management isn't about being the party police! An organization wants to Haiti? A group wants to host a sports car race? She'll show you how to get to YES for these events while maintaining a high standard of quality in risk management.

She is an energetic professional who combines research and wit to involve participants in a fun and interactive experience.