Teaching Strategies for the College Classroom

Teaching Strategies for the College Classroom

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Teaching Strategies for the College Classroom: A Collection of Faculty Articles is a practical, classroom-tested "tool kit" for faculty members who would like to develop their teaching practice. The 35 articles are drawn from the pages of The Teaching Professor newsletter and are written by college faculty for college faculty. They contain concrete pedagogical strategies that have been tested in the authors' classrooms and together form a handbook of classroom strategies.


Teaching Strategies for the College Classroom: A Collection of Faculty Articles presents a comprehensive look at sound pedagogical practices. It is accessible, actionable material covering a broad spectrum of classroom issues. Throughout the book, readers will find some aspects of conventional wisdom affirmed and some challenged. There is a well-made case for being strict with disruptive students, while another contributor offers a persuasive argument for cell phones in the classroom! Readers will discover innovative ways of resolving thorny issues. For instance, one article demonstrates how instructor and student goals for a class, while rarely identical, can often be achieved.

One author explains his innovative use of color-coded cards to promote participation; another employs tiered levels of student presentations to increase engagement; a third describes the appointment of "daily experts" on subject matter.

Learning Goals

An emphasis on specific, practical information makes the book a uniquely valuable faculty resource. Readers will learn many classroom strategies, including:

  • Four strategies for creating a positive learning environment
  • Ten tips for a successful first day of class
  • Six keys to building rapport
  • Four solutions to the civility problem
  • Nineteen elements of a "behavior contract"
  • Four principles of successful classroom management

Topics Covered

Teaching Strategies for the College Classroom: A Collection of Faculty Articles focuses on methods that can be easily implemented in the classroom. It is organized into four chapters:

Chapter 1: The Start of a Successful Semester
Chapter 2: Building Rapport with Students
Chapter 3: Managing Challenging Behavior
Chapter 4: Strategies for Student Engagement

The book covers following articles:

  • Honoring (and challenging) students' beliefs
  • Improving student focus
  • Introducing a syllabus
  • Balancing control of the classroom with freedom of inquiry and expression
  • Establishing the relevance of course material
  • Creating an environment in which students can feel safe
  • Conducting the final day of class

All of the articles in this book are compiled from The Teaching Professor newsletter, a publication dedicated to the art and science of teaching since its inception in 1987. The newsletter is published by Magna Publications, which was founded in 1972 and is recognized as one of the country's foremost providers of faculty development materials.


This book is ideal for faculty members, new or experienced, who would like to develop their teaching practice.

For newer instructors, it's an accessible introduction to the proven teaching methods of more than a score of highly accomplished educators. For experienced teachers, the book provides a range of perspectives on age-old challenges and ideas for addressing some more current ones, such as how to deal with a growing sense of entitlement among students. For all faculty members, it provides inspiration and an affirmation of the critical work they do in their classrooms every day.


When you purchase this book, you give your faculty a practical, classroom-tested "tool kit" of effective teaching strategies. Order your books today.

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