The Academic Leader's Handbook: A Resource Collection for College Administrators

The Academic Leader's Handbook: A Resource Collection for College Administrators

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Being in a campus leadership position requires constant growth and continued professional development. After all, as a leader, you have the power to shape the way your institution is viewed by faculty, students, parents, the press, and the country at large.

More than ever, academic leaders are faced with greater responsibilities and challenges. Managing a campus, encouraging faculty development, promoting diversityóitís a lot to take on and involves a great deal of accountability, but being an academic leader can also be exciting and fulfilling.

If youíre looking for insight that will enhance your leaderships skills, The Academic Leaderís Handbook: A Resource Collection for College Administrators is the ultimate guide for you. This comprehensive resource, presented in a user-friendly style, compiles the best articles from top experts and provides a variety of academic leadership perspectives and concrete ideas.

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In The Academic Leaderís Handbook, youíll find management strategies that will help you make informed, practical decisions on almost any issue you may face.

This guide collects the finest articles from the renowned Academic Leader newsletter, Magna 20-Minute Mentors, and Magna Online Seminars, bringing you sound advice, guidance, and thought on a variety of issues. Youíll receive actionable ideas that you can start implementing right away.


This resource covers topics that matter most to you as a higher education leader. It explores groundbreaking strategies and tools, influential trends, future challenges, and best practices relating to excellence in academic leadership.

The Academic Leaderís Handbook is presented in five sections that speak to all levels of higher education leadership. Sections include:

  • Academic Management
  • Assessment, Evaluation, and Development: Programs and Departments
  • Assessment, Evaluation, and Development: Faculty
  • Best Practices for Deans and Department Chairs
  • Issues and Trends in Higher Education


This collection serves as an effective guide for those working in, or aspiring to be in, an academic leadership role. It provides essential tools and the guidance on how to put these tools to use. Individuals in higher education who will find this resource especially valuable include:

  • Deans
  • Department chairs
  • Provosts
  • Faculty seeking advancement to leadership positions


Improved leadership practices will ultimately benefit the institution as a whole. Elevate the level of leadership at your college and continue to promote the highest student success.

The Academic Leadership Handbook details an array of proven management strategies and will help further your achievements as a leader in higher education.

The collection provides sound advice from respected peers. Discover new leadership tools and insights at departmental, administrative, and executive levels.

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This book is available exclusively on†in†digital or print format.

Bulk sales are available on our website.