Magna Library

Magna Library

The online, cloud-based professional development resource for faculty and administrators.

Academic faculty and staff rely on their campus library to provide them with top-quality resources that cover the professional development topics that matter to them most. However, it can be frustrating to fulfill faculty and staff requests when academic articles are not archived and categorized for searching in a way that is easily accessible and pertaining to both staff and faculty needs and interests.

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Designed specifically for campus libraries, Magna Library helps ensure that your entire campus has easy access to a complete collection of over 5,000 top-quality articles covering topics that cater to a variety of academic needs and interests.

Article topics include teaching and learning, online education, academic administration, student recruitment and retention, and distance education administration. All articles are archived, categorized for searching, and easily accessible.

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Magna Library provides your campus with a convenient and widespread professional development database. It contains the most in-depth articles, written in a practical, concise, and actionable manner by leading experts. Begin campus access today!


  • Provides academic staff, administrators, and faculty with immediate access to thousands of articles that will enhance their skills and knowledge
  • Promotes the continued professional development of faculty and staff
  • Answers questions on a variety of issues that pertain to both faculty and staff
  • Delivers a comprehensive resource for education departments
  • Offers an online resource, rather than a text resource, that the entire campus can access


With the needs and interests of academic staff, administrators, and faculty falling in a variety of areas, it’s important for libraries to be geared with resources that all higher education professionals can rely on.

Magna Library is one complete database comprised of 5,000+ newsletter articles. The collection is categorized and searchable, making it easy for faculty and staff to find the information that interests them most.

Articles are written by vetted experts and include academic references. The articles cover a wealth of sought-after topics, such as:

  • Student and faculty development
  • Institutional assessment and culture
  • Leadership
  • Legal issues
  • Online program strategy
  • Blended and flipped learning
  • Classroom management
  • Course design
  • Grading and feedback
  • Student engagement
  • Teaching strategies
  • Technology in the classroom
  • Admission policies
  • Equity, inclusion, and diversity
  • Recruitment strategies
  • Retention programs
  • Student well-being
  • Supporting special populations
  • Distance education


Magna Library is created for campus libraries. It provides a wide-ranging database of articles that cover developmental topics of interest to academic faculty and staff.

One subscription serves the entire campus.


Housing an array of professional development resources for both academic faculty and staff—and making it easily accessible—is often a struggle for campus libraries. Meeting varied needs with varied resources makes it nearly impossible to confidently deliver the right solution each time.

Magna Library helps satisfy a library’s mission to provide academic resources that are in demand by the entire campus. Purchase a subscription today!

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