Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities


Who We Are:

Magna Publications serves the higher education community by producing online seminars, publications, conferences, and other products that support faculty and staff development. For over four decades, we have given thought-leaders on thousands of campuses a platform to share their ideas and advice with their colleagues.

Our Values:

We believe our customers are our reason for being. We serve them with timely, quality products and we seek out their needs. We give MORE than what they expect.

We expect each Magna employee to take a great deal of pride in each product and service we offer.

We respect professionalism, creativity, and competence. We expect our employees to make good decisions and to know when it is appropriate to take calculated risks. (We do not "punish" for the inevitable "failures" that sometimes occur when risks are taken, but rather look at these as learning experiences.)

We value technology and have a tradition of success built upon keeping up with technology and using it appropriately.

We demonstrate integrity and fairness in all internal and external business dealings.

We are committed to constant learning and to the value of knowledge. We believe in taking the long-term perspective. Our decisions assure the long-run achievements and profitability of our organization.

We respect and practice journalistic ethics and professionalism.