Professional Workshops

Title IX and the Clery Act: Getting a Grasp on Response to Victims

Holding offenders accountable is at the forefront of every Title IX and Clery act compliance response, but without victim assistance and support, all responses will fall short. When we are talking about sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, or stalking, we not only need to hold the perpetrator’s accountable, but also acknowledge that someone has been harmed deeply. Sexual violence is a traumatic experience that can affect every aspect of a victim’s life including depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

So what constitutes victim support for those who come to us? In this session, you will learn how to help keep the person harmed engaged in your college processes while holding offenders accountable. A few simple things to remember will make it easy for you to put it into practice and do the right thing!

The Art of Cat Herding…How to Be a Great Org Advisor

So much effort and energy is put towards helping our student leaders be more amazing at their positions, but what about the club/org advisors? In this session we’ll dig into an ACUI study conducted on ways in which club/org advisors can be more effective in their role in achieving cat herding hero status!




Inspiring Entrepreneurial Thinking: Teaching the Innovation Process to Social Change Agents

The workplace is changing, and along with that change comes the need for students to leave their campuses knowing how to think like entrepreneurs. And, as social problems become even more pressing, our ambitious and persistent student leaders are needed as Social Entrepreneurs in the workplace to create innovative solutions and offer new ideas for wide-scale change. But teaching students to think like an entrepreneur is a challenge. In this workshop you'll learn a six step process for innovation that you can then teach to your student leaders.


Making Finance Fun for You and Your Students

If you are an underworked overpaid advisor, no need to attend this session. But if you are like the thousands of other student advisors out there who are paid for a 40 hour week but find yourself putting in time on nights weekends and holidays, then this two-part session is for you! Part of the session will help advisors focus on their own finances, from improving their credit to managing their retirement plans. The other part of the session will offer advisors tips on how to get their students excited about money management. Peter will share the tricks he uses at over 60 colleges per year on how to create genuine excitement about money management in your students. In Part One, financial expert Peter Bielagus will guide advisors through the money maze answering frustrating questions like:

  • Pay down debts or invest more in retirement?
  • Why is my retirement plan not going up if the stock market is?
  • What do you need to retire?
  • What insurance are you missing?
  • How do you afford YOUR child’s college education?
  • What you will regret in ten years if you don’t do it now.
  • Get the unbiased answers to questions.

In Part Two, Peter will show you how to get your students EXCITED about money management. Learn the tips and tricks he has used to inspire students all over the world. Tips and tricks that can be inserted into ANY existing leadership training program, for little to no cost!


How to Increase Your Peace & Triple Your Productivity: A Session for Busy Professionals

Nighttime programming. Weekend events. 14-hour work days. Nonstop emails. Way too many phone calls. Student demands. And unscheduled meeting requests. IT'S NO WONDER why burnout happens at 4-6 years! You’re not alone, and it’s time to get some answers to the biggest problem: every day can be—and often is—a work day.

The purpose of time is to fuel your purpose and legacy. Are you using your time to your best advantage? It’s time to stop your hectic routine to see where your hectic routine is actually taking you. Your time is your property: take back your property, take back your time. You can’t lead others until you first lead yourself.

Professionals will schedule…

  • Peace Days: get back to what’s most important to you personally
  • People Days: take care of the relationship in your life
  • Preparation Days: get ready to do your best work
  • Performance Days: do your best work