Student Resources

NCSL Fall 2015 Conference Learning Objectives

Student Leaders
Each student has the opportunity to attend skill-building workshops and keynote presentations. Workshop sessions follow the social change model of leadership along with sessions focused on college to career. Within these broad categories, students will:

  • Apply the individual, group, and societal values of the Social Change Model (the “Seven C’s”) in their approach to leadership decisions, communication, and actions;
  • Identify areas of personal leadership strength and opportunities for personal leadership growth;
  • Demonstrate effective, meaningful, and culturally competent communication and connection between individuals, organizations, and societies;
  • Practice effective, heart-centered leadership and efficient administration of student organizations such as student government, committees, clubs, or other student living/learning/working groups;
  • Implement strategies that advance understanding of and effect meaningful change around critical issues such as identity, diversity, and environmental and social justice, on campus and beyond; and
  • Tap into a network of peers who share a focus on and are committed to improving campuses and communities through the Social Change Model of Leadership.

Professional Staff
Professionals have the opportunity to attend seven exclusive professional development workshops to:

  • Discover the theory of transformational leadership and practical application in student affairs
  • Discuss relating with students to enhance their leadership abilities
  • Explore values, ethics, and personal integrity and ways to help students work with integrity
  • Learn the value of helping students construct personal scripts to become effective professionals
  • Discover effective channels of communicating with today’s students
  • Discover strategies to increase student engagement and build healthy organizations
  • Discuss the effects of professional stress, how to manage stress, and thrive as a student affairs professional

Networking Objectives

Delegates at the National Conference on Student Leadership participate in networking activities that encourage communication and collaboration. Throughout the conference, delegates will make many new professional connections with people from across the U.S. and around the world. You'll meet college student affairs professionals and student organization advisors, plus connect with NCSL presenters.