Student Workshops

Running Effective Meetings

A well run meeting is like a perfectly orchestrated line dance where individuals can add their own flair, but everyone is moving forward in the same direction. As the group leader, your challenge is to have the right outline and skills to create the perfect meeting. In this session, you’ll walk away with actionable tools to instantly start running effective daily, weekly, monthly, and even quarterly meetings with your group.




How to Communicate With Crappy People

Ever interacted with someone who seems to make every situation toxic and impossible. Pointing out that these people are difficult and demanding won't get you anywhere, though odds are, they don't even see a problem. Whether the issue is caused by a personality disorder or some other underlying issue, in this session, you’ll learn how to navigate these interactions with impossible people and preserve your own sanity.



Social Change: Let's Get Involved!

Social change can change attitudes, behaviors, laws, policies and institutions to better reflect values of inclusion. Social change builds community-based responses that address underlying social problems on many levels. In this workshop you'll develop self-awareness and knowledge, walk your talk, learn how to serve others and develop a shared vision.




Bystander Intervention: Don’t Be Afraid to Step In

Campus sexual assault is in the news almost every day. What can student leaders do to help address this issue? Learn easy-to-practice bystander techniques that can quite possibly save the day for a classmate. Come and practice ways to make a positive difference and help prevent sexual assaults on your campus.





More Action, Less Title

Congratulations on getting a leadership position, high-5s all around! Being a leader on campus, however, is an action, not just a title. This session will breathe new life into the act of empowering members through a three-part strategy: challenging, motivating and appreciating your peers. Attendees will leave this session with a new strategic plan for how to positively impact members of their organizations by boosting productivity and morale while increasing retention, too. Please note: attendees will also giggle.



#BeyonceAlwaysOnBeat: Becoming a Versatile Leader

The hashtag #BeyoncéAlwaysOnBeat hit the Internet showcasing Bey’s incredible versatility. Through this workshop with the help of imagery and video content from Beyonce, students will get insight on versatile leadership and specific ways to manage different tasks with balance. Students will learn how to wear different hats and help expand their vision, goals and audience.




"Stressed" Spelled Backwards = "Desserts": Stress Inoculation Training for Leaders

Stress Inoculation Training is based on the premise that no particular situation is stressful in and of itself; stress is in the eye of the beholder. This workshop will assist leaders in recognizing the beliefs, attitudes, and even world views that one can choose to hold that might mitigate the stress, as well as provide a 6-Step Process to “deal with” critical incidents. Walk away with an entirely new belief system that is balanced!



The Psychology of Leadership Qualities

You want to move even further along your path to joy, freedom, abundance and love while be a leader creating social change. You want to do all this with heart. Kristin Roush will lead you on a path to a deeper level of leadership in this experiential workshop.




Getting Heard: Creating Marketing Plans

Doing good, important work is only one part of the equation; making sure that people know about what you’re doing is critical for their success and impact. Said differently, if a tree falls in a woods, and no one is there to tweet about it . . .This workshop explores different media channels—from crafting engaging successful press releases and social media campaigns, to creating full bodied marketing strategies—and helps students build decisive strategic plans for delivering their messages with the most volume, and getting their projects noticed.



It's OK to P.L.A.Y.!

Life and Leadership are a complicated game. How successful we are depends on how we P.L.A.Y. The only way to improve is to participate. Join Life and Leadership Expert Frank Kitchen as he uses his playbook of "Games" to facilitate an interactive experience designed to improve your skills in communication, diversity, leadership, relationships and more! He'll teach you why "It's OK to Play!"




Trick or Treat? The 4R's to a Sweet Organization

Is your organization a Trick or a Treat? Do you know the difference? In order to have a "sweet" organization, you need to have the "4R's!" You need to RECRUIT the right people; RECOGNIZE how to properly utilize their talents; create avenues to RETAIN them and REWARD their achievements. "Trick or Treat" is about building strong relationships and acknowledging the people you work with as a RESOURCE. Stop by as Frank Kitchen provides you with the fresh and creative knowledge needed to create the sweetest house (organization) on the block!"



Money Management for Leaders

More students drop out of college because of personal financial issues than any other reason. (Source: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.) Sadly colleges lose some of their best leaders because of personal money problems. In this high energy session, money management expert Peter Bielagus will take leaders through the 5 key areas of their financial lives: Investing, Credit/Debt, Spending/Saving, Student Loans and The Emotional Side of Money. He’ll show attendees how to take instant action: students will implement many of the strategies before they leave the session!




Negotiation for Leaders

Ironically the one skill leaders need most is the skill they are never taught! That skill is the art of negotiation. Leaders are always forming new relationships, resolving conflicts and introducing alternative points of view- three keys points in this rare and engaging workshop. Students will learn both basic and advanced negotiation techniques they can use as both student and professional leaders.




Leadership and Communication: 5 Tips for Success from the Campus to the Workplace

One cannot not communicate. As a student leader, everything you say--and don't say--matters. As student leaders, learning how to communicate in a way that inspires action and grows both you and your peers is an asset that will serve you in your campus life and beyond. Learn five effective communication strategies that you can use to have more impact as a student leader and then leverage in the workplace.



Six Thousand Easy Steps to Becoming a Leader

This high energy, highly interactive workshop teaches listening skills, teamwork, leadership, and public speaking in a format that is truly fun. You will be involved in learning from the moment you enter the door. Every improv game is designed to help you think outside the box and develop important leadership skills.




Your Speech is Putting People to Sleep...and That's a Good Thing!

Learn how creativity comes to those who least expect it. This thought-provoking and funny workshop teaches student leaders unique steps to becoming more creative. Through improv and quick “homework” assignments, Over the Counter Improv shows leaders how to use the right side of the brain to achieve goals, develop self-deprecating humor, and nurture teamwork. This workshop is designed to show that “in order to succeed, you have to be willing to fail.”



Be a Sustainability Change Agent

Interest in sustainability in higher education, industry and government, has led to a rapid expansion of employment opportunities for sustainability professionals. Yet many young people, who may be considering their career path for the first time, do not know about options in this field. Join the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) as we examine what sustainability is, how it relates to life after college, and what skills and networks you can use to be empowered and take charge of your life. Come prepared to interact with your peers and walk away inspired and ready to enact real change at your campus and the surrounding community.



The Flaws of Attraction: Recruitment & Retention That Finally Works

Your job as a leader is NOT to create a great organization; it’s to continue the organization’s success and ensure that each year is better than the last. This session helps you attract the right people and creating lasting engagement so meetings are less boring, conversations are more meaningful, and goals are both relevant and achievable. In order to make recruitment and retention work, it needs to be a part of the organizational DNA and ingrained within the culture.

Recruitment and retention starts with you, but not you as the president or exec board or member. You are on a mission to do something great for your campus. Martin Luther King, Jr. didn’t pass out business cards that said “CEO of the Civil Rights Movement.” Leadership is about purpose, not your position. Anyone CAN do this, but you are INSPIRED to. We need everyone in your organization to be inspired, to be a part of the bigger picture, and to want to leave a lasting legacy. Don’t you want to know how to do it?


Personal Savvy for Leadership Success

Learn how to be perceived as a leader; positive perceptions are intuitive behavior, read by the conscious and subconscious mind. Studies indicate that you do not have to speak at all in order to make a first impression. In fact, when you meet someone, what you say verbally may not be as important as how you appear. Learn the five components of the visual impression that form a positive perception about you and how to translate that in to all areas of your life from interviewing to running a meeting.




Social Media for Social Change

The internet is a vibrant world of communication. Effective storytelling shared peer to peer or through major network news organizations can be the catalyst for a social movement that changes lives. In this workshop you’ll learn the basic skills and tools necessary to turn your ideas in action through photographs, words and video using the power of social media.




From to Passion to Profession: Careers in the Work of Play

Outdoor recreation is a multi-billion dollar industry. But even the most powerful senior executives at the biggest companies started out by indulging their personal passion for playing outside. Careers have been made by turning a favorite pastime to a profession that enables an enthusiast to become a leading expert. Learn in this workshop how to leverage your excitement for fun and adventure into a job you will love, while working to provide a path for all populations to experience the outdoors.



10 + 1: The Leadership Actions You Need To Take Right Now

Ferguson. Baltimore. Charleston. These are just three examples of how our society is failing to deliver on the promise of a “more perfect union.” Discover the “10 + 1 Leadership Actions” that you can take right now to bridge divides on campus and in community.




Leading Spaces Where Everyone Leads

Lasting social change requires a community approach, because our most difficult challenges require the leadership of the many. Come to this workshop with your toughest leadership challenge – the kind that keep you up at night – and learn/practice tools that allow you to bring out the best insights and talents of your own team/organization.