Advisor Preconference Workshop

Advisor Preconference Workshop #1 (additional charge)

For student affairs professionals in newly created positions

The Irrelevant Giant
Presenter: Tamara Cunningham
Thursday, November 16 | 8:00–10:30 am

Like football? Maybe you can relate to the last pick in the draft. Were you just thrown into your position at the last minute? No training? No support? But still need to prove your worth? Need a moment to network and engage with others who are in the same boat? This workshop has your name on it. You’re an irrelevant giant. Join us so we can explore the baptism-by-fire phenomenon together.

Advisor Preconference Workshop #2 (additional charge)

For student affairs professionals with any level of experience

How to Increase Your Peace and Triple Your Productivity: A Session for Busy Professionals
Presenter: Tony D’Angelo, Collegiate Empowerment
Thursday, November 16 | 8:00–11:30 am

Nighttime programming. Weekend events. 14-hour work days. Nonstop emails. Way too many phone calls. Student demands. And unscheduled meeting requests. IT'S NO WONDER why burnout happens within four to six years! You’re not alone, and it’s time to get some answers to the biggest problem: Every day can be—and often is—a work day.

The purpose of time is to fuel your purpose and legacy. Are you using your time to your best advantage? It’s time to stop your hectic routine to see where your hectic routine is actually taking you. Your time is your property: take back your property, take back your time. You can’t lead others until you first lead yourself.

You will schedule…

  • Peace days: Get back to what’s most important to you personally
  • People days: Take care of the relationships in your life
  • Preparation days: Get ready to do your best work
  • Performance days: Do your best work