Keynote Speakers for Fall 2017 NCSL Conference

Starve Your Ego while Bringing More to the Table

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Presenter: Lenny A. Williams

Professor Williams was struggling with a 1.9 GPA his freshman year in high school which ultimately lead to a five- or six-year academic struggle. His SAT and college placement test scores were low, and he was constantly enrolled in remedial classes. Fast forward to the present: Before the age of 30, he is a three-time business owner, professor, and national speaker. How did he get there? In this authentic keynote, Professor Williams will share personal stories and lessons that may make you laugh, cry, and dance, to help build brand new leaders for your campus or school. Students will leave feeling prepared to create a culture of compassion and the ability always to bounce back no matter what!

Know Your Presenter:
Lenny Williams holds an MBA from New Jersey City University where he currently serves as a professor of entrepreneurship within the School of Business. He also teaches in the business departments of Union, Hudson, and Brookdale Community Colleges. Within higher education, he has a strong background in enrollment management, admissions, and retention. Still under the age of 30, he’s already impacted many students inside of the classroom and has assisted hundreds more get into college.

Lenny has traveled nationwide and abroad speaking to many companies and schools to spread the message of being an effective entrepreneur. Lenny has overcome hurdles and has a masterful storytelling ability. With every engagement, he strives to achieve his mission of reaching generations and reminding them that greatness can be achieved against all odds. In addition, he has created a scholarship program in his hometown, and worked with schools and organizations such as: Yale University, Columbia University, Rutgers University, Towson University, YouTube sensation Latoya Forever,, Free from 106 and Park, The Root, The Breakfast Club, NFL Players Association, and many more.

Redefining the Tree of Leadership: Finding Your Style Via Creative Expression and Ethnic Identity Formation

Friday, November 17, 2017

Presenter: Alyea Pierce

“All arts and sciences are branches of the same tree. All these aspirations are directed toward ennobling life, lifting it from the sphere of mere physical existence and leading the individual towards freedom.” — Albert Einstein

For a very long time, Alyea Pierce did not view herself as a leader. And it was not until she intentionally examined her ethnic identity, womanhood, and how her creative experiences intersected with her leadership experiences that she understood who she was as a leader. In this presentation, Alyea will explore the tree of leadership and how bridging the gap between art and ethnic identity can be the foundation to enriching, influencing, and empowering communities.

Know Your Presenter:

Alyea Pierce holds an MEd and a BA from Rutgers University New Brunswick. She is an author, international poet, and playwright who is a “real nice cook up” of the West Indies. Pierce’s work has been featured on the stages of the Apollo Theatre and Broadway’s New Amsterdam Theatre, as well as countless TEDx events across the states and abroad. Her work has been published in the Caribbean Writer, and she is the 2016 playwright-in-residence and actress for the Strength Out of Shadows Theatre Company, in which she wrote and performed in her spirited play, Financial Slavery: The College Debt Sentence.

Alternate Dimensions: Sci Fi Lessons for Visionary Leaders

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Presenter: Saby Labor

Science fiction and fantasy offer us alternate visions of society and the social condition in the past, present, and future. Tap into your imagination as we explore essential leadership lessons from the brilliant minds of science fiction creators. We’ll get a glimpse of other possible worlds and strategies to create it together.

Know Your Presenter:

Saby Labor is a first-generation college student, fierce campus-inclusion advocate, and a high-energy force to be reckoned with. She is the founder and CEO of Resilient Campus, a leadership and inclusion organization. Saby coaches college leaders across identities to live inclusive leadership excellence. She has more than 10 years of experience working in colleges and universities. Saby has a doctorate degree in higher education administration and aspires to be a community college president and published author when she grows up. When Saby isn’t teaching gender studies classes and running her business, you can find her hanging with her spouse and dogs in Minneapolis. Saby uses she/her and they/them gender pronouns.
Twitter @ResilientCampus

You Can’t Lead Others Until You First Lead Yourself

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Presenter: Joe Urbanski
Collegiate Empowerment Speaker

You’ve had an energizing weekend at NCSL, but now what? It’s time for your ideas to FLY. This keynote focuses on you and taps into your power of personal vision. Once you are equipped to lead yourself, you will be empowered to lead your campus organizations to astounding new heights. Don't settle for simply hoping you will hit the ground running once you return; become empowered to FLY!

Know Your Presenter:
For over a decade, Joe has honed his electrifying facilitation style performing for as many as 2,400 participants during full-day trainings, three-day retreats, and multi-year leadership development programs. He has designed and delivered more than 315 seminars and workshops for more than 288,000 participants over the years. Joe’s high-energy, empowering experiences are the core of his appeal, while his entertaining style and simple approach make him a favorite at events across the country. Off the road, Joe lives in southern New Jersey, and remains committed to being the best husband and father, doing all of the things with his kids that Mommy doesn’t want to see.

NCSL Speaks! Student Speaker Series

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Are you a dynamic young leader with a message? If so, we want to hear from you! At NCSL Speaks! you’ll take the main stage for 5–7 minutes to present about leadership, motivation and more!

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