Networking Events

Networking Events

Whether you attend the conference on your own, or with a group from your college or university, the National Conference on Student Leadership (NCSL) offers opportunities to meet student leaders, conference workshop leaders, student affairs advisors, campus professionals, and keynote presenters from across the U.S. and around the world.

Whether you're an introvert or extrovert, skilled in the art of networking, or eager to learn, NCSL is the place to discover new skills—and practice them.

Come with the intention to meet and mingle. We'll help you along the way by offering various networking opportunities throughout the presentations, workshops, and meals. In between, we invite you to embody the habits of a leader and break outside your normal circle to meet others!

Sit by someone new in a workshop, walk up and say "hi" to someone you don’t know, or make plans to meet a new friend at lunch. One of the great things about being at NCSL is that most delegates who attend have the same mindset—to learn more about themselves and to grow as individuals who contribute to their group, campus, and community.

Practice these skills at NCSL and you will grow stronger as a leader. Learning and practicing the art of connection and will help you make a difference when you get back to campus and be better prepared for your professional career.

Welcome Reception

Join us Thursday evening for pizza, fruit, veggies, and beverages at our Welcome Reception. Don't miss out on this opportunity to continue the conversation with other conference delegates during an informal dinner. Again, we invite you to embody the habits of a leader and break outside your normal circle to meet others!

Meet Your Presenters

NCSL provides the opportunity for you to engage with our accomplished speakers, many who are authors, bloggers, and experts in professional fields – including career coaching, money management, social entrepreneurship, university professors, communication experts, and more. The conference is designed to encourage you to grow as an individual and as a soon-to-be professional post-college. Engage with the presenters at the conference (they’re ready and willing to connect with you.) Thank them for the content. Shake hands. Ask questions. Exchange emails for follow-up conversations.

Practice Your Leadership Skills

Be a model for what you know and what you learn here. Participate in every conference event and work with your team to leverage your experience when you get back to campus. Be prepared and on time for each event. Be attentive to your surroundings to gain the most from your experience.