Advisor Workshops

Professional Development Workshops for Advisors

Advisors, we didn't forget about you. We have comprehensive workshops that will not only help you better advise your students but also enhance your skills as an educator and professional. These workshops pay close attention to certain competencies of higher education and leadership. Each workshop is offered once. This workshop block includes:

How to Find the Truth in the Age of Fake News and Alternative Facts
Presenter: Odell Bizzell
Does the pulse of your campus move according to what’s popping on social media? Are there times you wish you could plainly articulate to your student leaders the difference between what is reported and what is true? In this innovative and engaging session, we will explore how advisors can help their students see past the mud thrown on social media timelines. Additionally advisors can initiate conversation that will lead to ideas and discussions that will help build the culture of diversity amongst their student leaders.

iBrag Different
Presenter: Tamara Cunningham
Ready to take your career to the next level, but find yourself stuck in the same professional place you’ve been in for years? Here’s your opportunity to brand and market yourself, leaving your name and presence unforgettable in the minds of top institutional decisionmakers—your bridge to that next opportunity. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to brag differently. You won’t just be that same student affairs rep that everyone knows. Your name and accomplishments will be the talk of the campus, the city, the state, the nation, the world. Come by and learn how.

Leadership X Mentoring 
Presenters: Scott A. Siegel-Ortiz and Alvert Hernandez
In the field of student affairs, mentoring can take on many forms. While we often consider mentoring between a student affairs professional and a student, it can extend to other individuals. Whether it’s a new colleague or being mentored by a senior administrator, mentorship occurs throughout higher education in various forms. In this interactive workshop, we will be using the GROW Model of coaching to explore Professor Charles Xavier’s different mentoring relationship with the X Men.

Conquer the Calendar: Meeting Mastery to Work in your Line of Genius
Presenter: Marcey Rader
Do you have a calendar filled with meetings without a purpose? Do you have trouble working on your projects because you spend all day on the phone or putting out fires? Learn the techniques you need to make meetings matter and allow you time to work in your line of genius. Learn why meetings are considered the #1 time-wasting task, the Rule of 7 and why “nice to have” works against you, the importance of scheduling deep focus and genius time, and how to boost meeting creativity and collaboration.

Three Ways to Improve Your Office Environment and Personal Life in Less than a Week
Presenter: Stan Pearson II
Create a better office environment and create a more solid foundation for your personal and professional development. Receive guidance from someone who has worked through some of the very same issues that can frustrate you and stifle growth. This session will include roundtable discussions in addition to actual planning so you can begin to create the very office you want to be a part of. Create your own planning boards to take back to campus with you. This engaging, interactive, and thought-provoking session is one you can delve into to make your office better—as well as your life and surroundings.

Generation Z Leadership Model
Presenter: Jeff Dess
The days of Millennials running the show are starting to change. Be ready before it's too late. Generation Z is here and we've got the model to assure that you have the right types of programs and events for this new crop of voices.

Distressed, Disruptive, & Potentially Dangerous Students
Presenter: Dr. Nancy Adegoke
Learn to articulate faculty and staff roles in identifying and responding to student behavior of concern. Identify key areas and behavioral indicators of concern and develop strategies for and comfort with responding. This workshop will help you become familiar with resources and mechanisms for consultation, reporting, and referral.

Make Them Say I Do: How to Get Engaged with Today’s Student Leaders
Presenter: Dr. Brandi Baldwin Rana
In today's fast-paced technology-driven global society, it has become increasingly challenging to engage students on a deeper level. What are their interests? What are their fears? How can you support them as they transition from student leaders to career professionals? In this interactive workshop, engage in open dialogue about the key characteristics of your student leaders and how you can better serve them within your role. Identify key gaps and weaknesses in your engagement strategy, and leave with a clear understanding of what you can do to improve their experience at your college or university.

Dream and Draw
Presenter: Paulie Nassar
Revamping the classic Paint and Sip, but instead of alcohol, we are going to drink off our dreams. This session will help focus the images in our heads and translate them onto the canvas. Music is a pivotal part of an artist’s process. This session will feature music from all over the world. Music is life, art is history. It is important to expand beyond our own cultures.