Advisor Preconference Workshop

This Advisor Preconference session offers an opportunity for personal and professional growth. Sharpen your program design and facilitation skills. Learn inclusive techniques for engaging and training student leaders.

Engaging the Changes We Care About:  The Art of Hosting

We want to actively engage our students, institutions, and communities in CHANGE and create the next waves of innovation and leadership in service to life and the planet.  The Art of Hosting is a set of dialog and transformational change practices used around the globe at all levels of system to create change.   Advisors and professionals will learn key aspects of the Art of Hosting that can help them train and connect their students to these leadership and dialog practices on campus and way beyond.

Presented by Theresa Posakony & Tenneson Woolf

Teresa Posakony Tenneson Woolf
Theresa Posakony & Tenneson Woolf

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Thursday, March 31, 2016

$129/ea. advance registration fee, $149/ea. on-site

Space is limited; register today!