Spring 2016 NCSL Conference

Something really special happens when you bring hundreds of changemakers from across the nation and around the world together in one room.

Relationships start forming.

Inspiration begins to strike.

Ideas start flowing.

But there’s something else that sets the National Conference on Student Leadership apart from any other forum.

It’s not the food (and we really do take our cuisine seriously around here).

It’s not the location (but what’s not to love about a view of the Rocky Mountains?)

It’s the people.

The engaging keynote speakers.

The enlightening workshop presenters.

The entertaining emcees.

Most importantly, it’s YOU: the students and student advisors.

You’re the ones who have the ability to drive positive change on your campuses. You have the heart. You have the determination.

And we’re here to add a little more direction.

This is a chance to hone your leadership skills, explore your passions, and bring new solutions to the complex social problems being faced in your communities.

After attending the Spring 2016 NCSL Conference, you’ll walk away with the tools and expertise you need to start influencing real social change.

Wondering how we do it? Don’t just take it from us. Find out what the attendees from our Fall 2015 Conference are saying…

Thought-provoking keynote sessions

Our presenters speak from real life experiences.

“The lectures are very inclusive. It’s not just that they’re talking at you, there are activities that encourage you to talk to students from other schools as well, and they encourage you to participate.”

“One of the best things about the conference is that the presenters aren’t boring. The keynotes are very interesting and insightful.”

See our Spring 2016 Keynote Speaker line-up.

Hands-on breakout sessions

A chance to share experiences and get involved. (And yes, sometimes, we dance.)

“The workshops have been great. We can’t wait to take back what we’re learning to our students and make our university even better.”

“My favorite part about this conference is the breakout sessions. It really gives us a chance to talk about the things that are true for us on our campus, but it gives us perspective into other campuses as well, in terms of what they’re dealing with and how they’re solving these problems.”

Check out the full line-up of Student Workshops.

Vast networking opportunities

Connect with thought leaders from all across the U.S. and around the world.

“With all the breakout sessions we’ve had a great opportunity to meet some fantastic people from across the nation and other countries as well. It’s been a really great networking experience, as well as being able to connect with all the speakers from various companies.”

“I’ve made a lot of friends here. I’ve found out about how they run their meetings and how things work at their schools, and it’s given me a different perspective.”

“My favorite part of this conference is being able to network yourself. As student leaders, we want to be able to talk to other students, even if we don’t know them, and this conference serves as a huge example because we’ve met people from around the world and we’re able to communicate with them so easily.”

See more about our Networking Events.

Practical takeaways

Calls to action you can bring to your next student organization meeting.

“During the last keynote we went to, we had the opportunity to work as a group of York College of Pennsylvania students and we came up with a plan to bring back to our campus. Our student senate will be making a new committee, and we’re starting it on Monday!”

“When we come back to our campus we’re able to share what we’ve learned and hopefully encourage more student leaders in our campus for future generations, and inspire more change.”

“It’s great for us to be able to come together as a group and to think about these things and reflect on them and bring it back to our campus.”

Learn more about the NCSL Call to Action.

The chance to start shaping your career

Make your resume stand out with the Spring 2016 NCSL Conference Participation Digital Badge. Or take it a step further with our Certified Student Leader Program.

“The reason you want to be here is because you get certified to be a leader. They appreciate you for the effort and the work you do, and then they add to it.”

Are you ready to start making a meaningful difference in the way you lead others? Register for Spring 2016 NCSL today.

“Highly recommend it to any students that are interested in leadership – get registered!”

“I recommend this conference to any student leader who is looking to enhance their abilities.”

“Everybody here, they care about you, they know your name. They know who you are and where you’re from and they never forget it. And they always make sure that it’s worth it.”