Student Workshops

You are passionate and committed to leading change and making a meaningful difference. But how can you develop a clear sense of purpose? How can you discover your unique strengths and put them into action to address complex social challenges? How can you untangle the knot of systems at the root of these challenges? What are the most effective and inclusive ways to inspire and engage all stakeholders? And how can you prepare for and stand up to the demands on heart, mind, and body that this work entails?

An exciting selection of hands-on workshops facilitated by top-notch practitioners and thought leaders will provide you the space and guidance to work through these tough questions and more, and empower and equip you to be a high impact change maker.

Hip Hop Can Teach You Social Change

Jeff Dess
Jeff Dess

New Jersey City

Hip hop culture recently turned 40 years old. At its origin, the five elements of hip hop (rap, dj’ing, break-dancing, graffiti art and knowledge) were defining components that addressed issues of the community. They served as ways to build camaraderie, develop voices for the voiceless, and how to create something from nothing. These alternative and creative leadership methods can be translated in to enhancing a leader’s ability to communicate and use creativity and innovation to improve the student experience. In addition to learning the elements of hip hop, this workshop will give students the opportunity to learn specific leadership skills and use them to bring change onto their campus and abroad.


A Zero Waste Campus is Possible!

Alex Freid
Alex Freid

Post-Landfill Action
Network (PLAN)

In this workshop, students are asked to envision what a zero waste campus would look like. We break the room into groups and give them time to draw or map out how they would prevent specific forms of waste from entering campus (procurement policies), how they would control the collection, logistics, and flow of waste through campus, and how they would manage the process of removing waste (if any) from campus.
We also focus on innovative ideas for how students can cut down on the amount of waste produced within a campus, based on numerous examples from campuses across the country like tool shares, repair cafes, bike shares, clothing swaps, campus thrift stores and more.
After the maps are presented to the larger group, we run an exercise on power-mapping and discuss how students can go about implementing change on their campuses. Who do they need to talk to, how should they go about conducting those types of meetings and conversations, and where do they turn when they face hurdles and challenges along the way?

What's Your Personality Profile? Stop Questioning, Start Answering

Melissa Ruiz
Melissa Ruiz

SwiftKick, LLC

To heal the world, we have to first heal ourselves, and to heal ourselves it starts with an understanding of who we are and why we do what we do. In this session, we'll dig into the "People Style" personality assessment profile to gain a deeper understand of what makes you tick. Then, we'll take it a step further and match your personality profile to your leadership abilities so you can make the largest positive impact on the world through effectively leading others. 



You: Operating a Highly Effective Social Enterprise

Erin Krampetz
Erin Krampetz
Ashoka U

This workshop will introduce key terms (social entrepreneurship, social intrapreneurship, and changemaking) and review role models in each category. We will conduct practical exercises to develop an eight-word mission statement and a theory of change. Learn how to articulate: How will achieving your solution make society better? What is the first step that will get you closer to your goal? Why do you believe that this step will lead to change?
With this framework in place, we will discuss how to use the mission statement to inform your business model development, team recruitment, and brand management to achieve the change you ultimately wish to make. By the end, you will learn what it means to operate a highly effective social enterprise and feel confident in your ability to build one yourself.

Catalyzing Social Change in Your Sphere of Influence

Deborah McNamara
Deborah McNamara

Northwest Earth

This workshop will offer participants the opportunity to develop and deepen a clear sense of purpose by exploring personal passions and interests and how one’s unique strengths can be used to catalyze social change. Participants will identify effective places to intervene in complex systems, drawing from systems thinking theory and practice.

Students will consider areas where they would like to effect social change, and will reflect on how to effect change at the level of patterns, trends, and underlying (often invisible) structures at play. In small groups, students will explore how each person can be a catalyst for change, considering personal mission, vision, and what structure and connections are needed to take the next steps in effecting social change.

See Something, Say Something! – Know Your Role

Shanee Moore
Shanee’ Moore
El Centro College

When students get involved in addressing sex discrimination and sexual violence on their campus, positive change happens! In this session you will learn and share strategies that bring awareness to your college, help establish support for those affected, and create safer, healthier, and more equitable campuses.



Students Making Change: The Art of Hosting

Teresa Posakony Tenneson Woolf
Teresa Posakony & Tenneson Woolf
Art of Hosting

Create and engage the changes you want in the world. Build your transformational leadership skills by learning The Art of Hosting. These skills and the global community of practice will support you in living the change your inspired to bring to the world. The Art of Hosting is a set of dialog and transformational change practices used around the globe at all levels of system to create change. It will change the way you address complex challenges on your campus and beyond!


Cha-Cha Slide to Empower Cha-Cha Change

Adren O. Wilson, Ph.D.
James Robilotta

Congratulations on your new position! Being a leader in your organization, however, is an action, not just a title. This session will breathe new life into the act of empowering others by challenging them to do better through a three-part strategy: challenging, motivating and appreciating. Leave this session knowing what the Cha Cha Slide has to do with leadership and how to inspire those around you to step up and be a part of change. Note: giggling will occur.


Successful Interviewing Skills for Changemakers

Matthew R. Shupp
Matthew R. Shupp
University of

Leaders of all standings benefit from understanding the purpose of professional interviews, identifying the different types of professional interviews, obtaining important tips on preparing for the professional interview, and articulating the importance of self-presentation. Attending this student workshop will prepare you for campus interviews, and post-graduate interviews.




Storytelling for Social Change

Joshua Gorman
Joshua Gorman
Founder & Coordinator
Generation Waking Up

Good storytelling is at the root of transformation and social change. This workshop will provide you with the opportunity to hone your personal and professional storytelling, and to deliver it in a way that inspires and motivates others to take action. We'll explore the key elements of Public Narrative - Story of Self, Story of Us, and Story of Now - and how to integrate them into your life, work, and projects. You'll have an opportunity to share parts of your story and receive feedback from others, and you'll walk away with the resources and confidence you need to take your storytelling - and leadership - to the next level.


*Haters & #Hashtags

Lenny A. Williams
Lenny A. Williams
Executive Assistant
to The Dean for
Enrollment Management
New Jersey City University

Social Media has been a catalyst for social change since 2010(Haiti Earthquake). Hashtags like #BlackLivesMatter, #IceBucketChallenge, #Ferguson and #BeenRapedNeverReported helped garner and address issues within the world. The most famous in 2015 was the #MizzouHungerStrike which led to resignation of a College President. This session will help professionals and student leaders find ways to directly use #hashtags effectively for leadership development and programming. By the end, you will learn how to deflect the cyber-bullies and creatively use social media for the WIN!



The 10 + 1 Leadership Actions You Can Take to Build a Just and Equitable Campus

MacArthur Antigua MacArthur Antigua
MacArthur Antigua & Jenise Terrell
Public Allies

Building a just and equitable campus requires a community approach, as our most difficult challenges require the leadership of the many. Come to this interactive workshop with your toughest challenge – the kind that keep you up at night – and we'll introduce you to the 10 + 1 Leadership Actions that you and your peers can take so you can meet that challenge head-on when you get back to campus.