National Conference on Student Leadership

When it comes to driving real social change, it’s not what you say; it’s what you do.

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We all want to inspire positive change. We want to use our skills and talents to make the world a better place.

And while sharing ideas for change is one step forward, understanding how to put these ideas to work on campus and in our communities is something else entirely.

The bottom line is: change is hard. If challenging the status quo was easy, everyone would be doing it.

It takes a deep level of commitment and resilience to motivate others to make a change. It takes a lot of dedication and determination to make a real difference through the work you do.

This is why we’ve designed our leadership conference to not only identify change initiatives, but to teach students and advisors how to apply these ideas in the “real world.”

The Spring NCSL Conference is dedicated to helping students dig deeper than ever before in personal growth and career preparation.

We’re here to lay the groundwork student leaders need in order to ensure their values-based leadership skills actually create significant change in our working lives.

It’s time for students to answer the difficult questions:

How will you influence the groups you lead in your professional life?

How will you affect meaningful change around critical issues such as identity, diversity, and environmental and social justice?

How will you tap into a network of peers who share your focus and are committed to improving campuses and communities?

Spring 2017 NCSL will show you the way. Together, we will:

  • Identify areas of personal leadership strength and opportunities for personal leadership growth
  • Demonstrate effective, meaningful, and culturally competent communication and connection between individuals, organizations, and societies
  • Connect collegiate learning with “real world” skills such as personal productivity, money management, interview prep, and personal brand, in preparation for the workforce
  • Practice effective leadership and efficient administration of a student organization, such as student government, committees, clubs, or other student living/learning/working groups.

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NCSL is unlike any other leadership conference

We don’t just talk about how to drive meaningful change in the world; we find ways to apply these concepts to the work you do.

We have been providing purpose-driven leadership development to college student leaders since 1978. Our Spring 2017 NCSL Conference features top-rated content, a dynamic environment, and an interactive program for student leaders to gain skills they can apply on campusand in the world beyond college.

#NCSLSpring17 presents a unique opportunity to:

1. Attend insightful keynote sessions presented by thought-leaders across a diverse range of industries.

“The lectures are very inclusive. It’s not just that they’re talking at you, there are activities that encourage you to talk to students from other schools as well, and they encourage you to participate.” – NCSL student attendee

2. Share experiences and get involved through hands-on breakout sessions.

“My favorite part about this conference is the breakout sessions. It really gives us a chance to talk about the things that are true for us on our campus, but it gives us perspective into other campuses as well, in terms of what they’re dealing with and how they’re solving these problems.” – NCSL student attendee

3. Connect with leaders from across the country who share a passion for driving positive change.

“With all the breakout sessions we’ve had a great opportunity to meet some fantastic people from across the nation and other countries as well. It’s been a really great networking experience, as well as being able to connect with all the speakers from various companies.” – NCSL student attendee

4. Make a positive impact at your campus with calls to action you can apply right away.

“When we come back to our campus we’re able to share what we’ve learned and hopefully encourage more student leaders in our campus for future generations, and inspire more change.” – NCSL student attendee

More reasons to attend.

We’re looking for students who have a passion and desire for change, and want to develop a plan of action they can take back to their campuses, communities and future careers.

We’re looking for student advisors who want to reenergize their commitment to their students, and continue seeking opportunities for growth within their professional lives.

Are you ready to make a real difference in the way you work and lead? Join us.

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