Jeff Dess

Mr. Jeff Dess is a writer, professor, public speaker and emcee of Haitian descent. Mr. Jeff Dess is the author of four books of poetry. His latest, Deconstructing Ratchet (grew bab books, 2014) provides a poetic conversation on the complexity that is ratchet and the culture that surrounds it. He has performed, spoken and presented across the nation at various institutions and universities. With over ten years of performing and student affairs experience under his belt Mr. Jeff Dess continues to strive towards helping students reach their highest potential. He currently serves as the assistant director of Campus Life at New Jersey City University.


Twitter @mrjeffdess

Lenny A. Williams

Lenny Williams is a professor, entrepreneur, and dynamic public speaker. He is the co-founder of Trill or Not Trill, an educational platform made to integrate culturally relevant content with the world education. He holds an MBA from New Jersey City University where he serves as a professor of entrepreneurship at the School of Business. All while under the age of 30, he’s already impacted many students inside the classroom and has assisted hundreds more get into college. As a speaker, Lenny has traveled nationwide and abroad spreading the message of being an effective entrepreneur and educator. Lenny has been featured on CBS, Hot97, Fox5, UPN9, NJ.com and more.