Professional Workshops

Workshop Set #1 Networking

Thursday, March 30, 2017
3:45–5:00 pm

Three Ways to Improve Your Office Environment and Personal Life in Less than a Week

Presenter: Stanley Pearson II

Create a better office environment and create a more solid foundation for your personal and professional development. Receive guidance from someone who has worked through some of the very same issues that can frustrate you and stifle growth. This session will include roundtable discussions in addition to actual planning so you can begin to create the very office you want to be a part of. Create your own planning boards to take back to campus with you. This engaging, interactive and thought-provoking session is one you can delve into to make your office better -- as well as your life and surroundings.

Learning Goals:
  1. Empower staff members and yourself in the office
  2. Create action items and a culture that employees and colleagues can buy into
  3. Develop skill sets within the office to promote a positive place for employment that can also transfer to home life

Workshop Set #2 Communication

Friday, March 31, 2017
10:45 am–Noon

The C.E.C. Communication Tool: The Most Empowering Conversation You Will Ever Have

Presenter: Joe Urbanski

Let’s begin a conversation that can continually transform how we organize our thinking and improve our relationships on a regular basis. The C.E.C. Communication Tool builds a motivating framework inside each of us so that we can increase clarity, commitment, capability, and confidence. When we engage with others in an authentic dialogue using this tool, we truly change the dynamics of not only our relationships with our supervisors, colleagues, and students, but also with ourselves!

Workshop Set #3 Personal Improvement

Friday, March 31, 2017
2:30–3:45 pm

Find Balance, You Must. Personal and Professional Goal Setting for Professionals

Presenter: Matthew R. Shupp

In the Star Wars universe, a Padawan is a Jedi in Training, often an adolescent who has begun one-on-one instruction with a Jedi Knight or Master. I like to think that Student Affairs professionals are Jedi Masters, imparting our wisdom and guidance onto our Padawan student leaders. Using this analogy, Student Affairs professionals spend so much time focused on our students that it is often easy to forget about our own level of self-care, which may lead us down a path to the dark side of the force. Yet, we push through, ensuring everything on the exterior appears intact, often at the expense of our own internal equilibrium. We’re like a car with a shiny paint job but the engine is worn and rusty. How can we possibly find a better balance? Loosely based on Kouzes and Posner’s Leadership Challenge and The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership Model – and utilizing a few Star Wars characters for good measure! – this workshop will focus on Kouzes and Posner’s first pillar (Model the Way) and fifth pillar (Encourage the Heart) to examine personal values, healthy self-care practices, and professional growth strategies. Attend this session, you must.

Workshop Set #4 Career Readiness

Saturday, April 1, 2017
10:00–11:15 am

Ring! Ping! Buzz! Tools To Stop Reactivity And Work In Your Line Of Genius

Presenter: Marcey Rader

Do you have an inbox full of emails and don't know where to start? Do you suffer from reactivity to notifications that distract your focus and cost you time? Do you use your inbox as your task list? Get the tools you need to break out of email jail. Pump up your effortful control muscle. Set-up your email for maximum efficiency to stop the email drip. Shrink your inbox with rules, filters, and newsletter organization. Communicate effectively to shut down with Inbox Zero.

Learning Goals:
  1. Reduce telepressure and notification anxiety
  2. Utilize techniques to increase effortful control and focus
  3. Implement inbox tricks and shortcuts to process email more efficiently

Workshop Set #5 Leadership

Saturday, April 1, 2017
1:30–2:45 pm

Claiming Your Passion to Cultivate and Communicate Your Credibility

Presenter: Dina Maloney

Our personal and professional success is dependent upon how credible one is deemed by others; it affects trustworthiness, believability, and leadership potential. With this in mind, people expend countless hours “paying dues,” earning credentials, and depleting what little energy remains to create a “credible” personal brand, hoping that the final package produces the desired result. But, does it? Do years of experience, plaques on the wall, and letters following one’s name lead to ultimate success? For some, perhaps, but for those who have committed their lives to empowering, leading, and supporting others to succeed, it’s the passion they bring and their ability to connect with the human spirit that motivates others to greater heights. Leadership Coach and Educator Dina Maloney will offer her perspective and insight on how to implement steps and strategies to have the greatest impact on the people we serve; by allowing the authentic self to emerge, the highest level of credibility is established and the potential to inspire others to achieve greatness is unleashed.

Learning Goals:

  1. An understanding of the difference between a title and position
  2. Identification of personal core values
  3. An ability to communicate a personal mission statement