Special Events

Million Dollar Meal

Friday, March 31, 2017
Noon–2:15 pm

Presenter: Cynthia Grosso

Do you have the confidence to attend a million dollar meal? Webster defines confidence as “the faith or belief that you are acting in a right, proper, or effective manner.” Over half of all business is conducted over the dining table. Attend this intensive lunchtime program to learn proper conduct at any meeting over a meal. While eating lunch discover the proper way to eat soup, to hold and use utensils, napkin etiquette, being a good guest, being a good host, invitations, seating protocol, ordering, how to dine, the wine list, and conducting the business portion of a meal. This workshop prepares you for job interviews, meals with colleagues, even lunch with the president of your university. You will know the proper conduct at any meeting over a meal. There really is such a thing as a million dollar meal.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Discover how proper dining etiquette builds confidence personally and professionally.
  • Describe the protocol for conducting the business portion of a meal.
  • Define “polish” and how it applies to your personal brand.

Open Mic Night for Students and Professionals

Saturday, April 1, 2017
8:00–10:00 pm

Event Emcees: Jeff Dess and Lenny A. Williams

NCSL it's your time to shine! Bring your talents to open mic tonight and show off your voice, flow, magic, musical ability, or other skills to your fellow conference attendees! Event will be hosted by the fire-spitting and swag dripping, Mr. Jeff Dess and the frequently witty and always fresh, James Robilotta. Bring whatever you need to shine! Musical instruments, magic materials, devil sticks, poetry, lyrics, ham sandwiches, etc.


NCSL Call to Action

Throughout the conference
Mark Kueppers,
Mark Kueppers,
Shanee Moore
Shaneé Moore,
El Centro College
Matthew Shupp
Matthew Shupp,
Shippensburg University

Facilitators: Mark Kueppers, Shanee Moore, and Matthew Shupp

The NCSL Call to Action is designed to provide conference participants the time and space to generate a specific action plan to meet the challenges found on college campuses and in our communities. A team of facilitators will guide students through special plenary sessions that apply specific lessons and strategies from Conference keynotes and workshops to be put to work for good, solving problems and addressing challenges. As a result of these sessions, students will be poised to create the positive change they seek upon their return home from the Conference.

Learning Outcomes:

As a result of the Call to Action sessions, participants will collectively, as part of a working team:

  • Identify a change initiative that will have a positive impact on your campus/community.
  • Develop a shared vision that includes a desired new reality for your campus/community.
  • Establish an action plan that helps to meet specific goals.
  • Present change initiative, goals and action plan to receive feedback to enhance opportunities to effect positive change.