Why Attend

At NCSL, we talk about developing and putting student leadership skills to work...

...but what does this mean in the “real world”? What does it mean for students' future careers? The role they play on campus? How can they apply these concepts in a way that fulfills them?

#Spring17NCSL presents a unique opportunity to start developing your students' leadership skills and helping them build abilities they will use throughout their lives. 

The focus of the entire conference will be dedicated to personal growth and career preparation, offering students the chance to explore leadership ideas and initiatives and start applying them right away.

Your students have the power to make a meaningful difference on their campus and in their communities.

We have the tools and expertise to help your students reach their goals. Our track record is 40 years strong, and we’re always improving.

Our elite conference presents a one-of-a-kind opportunity to:

Attend a leadership conference unlike any other.
Every year, we transform our conference program to bring a wealth of new and exciting knowledge and experiences to students and advisors, whether you and your students are attending for the first time or are choosing to come back again.

Learn from award-winning speakers and presenters.
We work hard to recruit thought leaders from a diverse range of backgrounds, so we can present ideas and action steps that address multiple areas of improvement.

See our Spring 2017 Speaker Line-up.

Develop skills that will last a lifetime and maximize your students' success in the real world.
Our multi-track program presents student leader and advisor workshops that fit the need of multiple areas of leadership skills. This is your students' chance to gain the talents they didn’t explore at college – the skills and know-how that will help them grow as a person and as a professional.

Check out the full workshop schedule.

Network with leaders and advisors from around the world.
Learn from other campuses about their organizations, resource allocation, techniques that are working, and efforts that have failed. Build professional relationships that will help shape your students' future career success.

See our list of networking events.

Generate a specific action plan to help your students achieve their goals.
Through special plenary sessions, the NCSL Call to Action program guides students, inspiring them to apply specific lessons and strategies from conference keynotes and workshops. This is how they begin solving problems, addressing challenges, and putting their ideas to work for good.

Earn a student leader certification.
Take your students' NCSL experience a step beyond with the Certified Student Leader program. They will have the opportunity to improve self-development, achieving greater balance and self-motivation. Students will learn how to craft their vision for change and inspire others to get onboard. And they’ll walk away with best practices to take back to campus so they can begin turning their project creations into action right away.

Find out more about the CSL program.

Participate in a Million Dollar Meal.
Over half of all business is conducted over the dining table. By attending this intensive lunchtime program, your students discover the proper conduct and confidence they need to rock any meeting over a meal.

Discover what a Million Dollar Meal could mean for your students.

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