Advisor Workshops

Professional Development Workshops for Advisors

Advisors, we didn't forget about you. We have comprehensive workshops that will not only help you better advise your students but also enhance your skills as an educator and professional. These workshops pay close attention to certain competencies of higher education and leadership. Each workshop is offered once.

Picking the Gold Medal Team: Identifying, Recruiting, and Hiring New Student Leaders
Presenter: Jeff Dess
Finding the students who are already interested in leadership isn’t the hard part. Student leaders often know how to speak to their fellow leaders. This workshop will provide advisors with tools and research-based strategies to help in finding student leaders all over campus. This workshop will also provide participants with the skills needed to build the most effective team of student leaders. Never look at the recruitment or hiring process the same way again.

When It’s Time to Move Out: A Roundtable Discussion on Knowing When It's Time to Leave an Institution and How to Do It
Presenter: Scott Siegel
All professionals eventually come to a fork in the road: Is it worth staying at our current institutions or look elsewhere? In a roundtable discussion, professionals will get to share experiences of taking the leap to another institution. We will also discuss best practices on how to make the transition best for all.

Playing Nice in the Sandbox: Using Relationship Management to Navigate Your Higher Ed Career
Presenters: Scott Siegel and Sabrina Spadafino
As professionals, the time will come when you must leverage a campus partner or someone in your office. How can we best use relationship management to turn collaboration into an advantage? Furthermore, how can we work with that difficult person to make our lives easier? We will explore different types of relationships in a university setting as well as offer best practices about relationship management and working with difficult people.

The Fearless Advisor: Conquering Your Fear to Get to Your Next Level
Presenter: Darryl Bellamy
What’s the one thing holding you back? After collecting and cataloging thousands of fears from people around the country, Darryl has a grasp on the top fears holding many back from achieving desired results. After collecting fears of students and speaking with educational professionals he noticed many similarities between the groups. In this workshop will discuss fears and actionable strategies to reframe fear and move forward in your career and in life. You’ll leave empowered, renewed, and ready to tackle any current and new challenges.

Negotiation Tactics and Preparation
Presenter: Monique Lopez
Proper negotiation tactics can determine your next title promotion or salary increase. These are the skills needed to assure your value at your institution is properly recognized. Did you know that 90% of negotiation is done alone, with no one else at the table? This workshop will provide you with the tactics needed for self-discovery and to make sure that you are always prepared at any negotiating table.

Self-Care: Release, Rebalance and Recharge
Presenter: Sakina Brehon Williams
On this journey to self-care, participants will release, rebalance, and recharge with music that touches the soul and will get energy flowing and revitalize the system with an asana practice. At the start of the workshop, participants will identify the stresses they want to release then work on how to manage them through gentle energizing movements. The session will end with a guided breathing meditation. Eye Masks will be provided.

The Art of the Side Hustle: Turning Your Passion Into Profit
Presenter: Ash Cash
Everyone has dreams but not everyone knows how to turn those dreams into reality. This workshop teaches you how to live your dream while making a profit. Manage your career and gain the tools to turn passion into profit.

Keeping up with Commuters
Presenter: Antonio Talamo
It seems that these days we spend more time keeping up with the Kardashians than keeping up with the growing population of commuter students on college campuses. In this session you’ll hear a fresh perspective of ways to engage the commuter population through innovative programming, campus collaboration, and student connections. Drawing on years of experience, the presenter will discuss ways to change the campus culture to help foster a commuter-friendly environment. You’ll learn about some of the key challenges to being a commuter and ways to create strategic initiatives to combat these issues.