Wasting a Perfectly Fine Electrician

The very first house I bought was a condominium, and the purchase price included 10 hours of service by an electrician. The idea was that each owner would want to customize the unit with special lighting fixtures and built-in appliances, and covering the cost of the electrician was intended to be a selling point. I was just starting out as a college professor and far too strapped for cash to afford luxuries like special fixtures and appliances, so my 10 hours of included service lasted me for several years. Each time one of my unitís floodlights would burn out, rather than climbing up on a ladder myself, Iíd call the managerís office and have the electrician come do it for me. After having done so four or five times, I heard the manager sigh and say, ďYou know, an electrician is certainly capable of changing lightbulbs; it just seems to me that youíre wasting a perfectly fine electrician by having him do so.Ē Iíve thought of that statement many times over the years as Iíve seen well-paid and highly trained administrators assigned duties at colleges and universities that are not the best uses of their talents.

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