Telling Real from Perceived Incivility

A lot of people are talking about civility these days, about how affects the corporate office, the, academic departments–and the classroom. There are particular hazards in the online classroom Certain features of the online classroom make it a fertile environment for both real and perceived incivility. Dr. Debbie Nogueras coordinates the Doctor of Nursing Practice and Family Nurse Practitioner Programs in the Northern Arizona University School of Nursing. She serves as an advisor and coach to nursing students, faculty members, and professional nurses. She’s also been teaching, designing and evaluating online courses since 1998. She has researched, written about, thought about and dealt with issues of civility and incivility in the online environment, Distance Education Report recently got Dr. Nogueras to share some of what she’s learned from her research and practice regarding incivility in the online classroom, and how to distinguish the real from the perceived.  

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