Teaching Hidden Knowledge

I recently taught my son how to drive a stick shift. I sat in the passenger seat explaining how to work the pedals and the shift, and he did what everyone does in that situation: jerk, stall, jerk, stall, and feel frustration. He was doing exactly what I was telling him to do, but it wasn’t working.

Green Screen Videos Made Easy

Studio shots of a speaker alongside or interspersed with images, graphics, or videos are among the most effective devices for delivering online content. Most of the best educational videos use this method. The speaker provides the information, while the images illustrate it. The speaker grabs our attention, while other content amplifies it.

Continuous Assessments for Better Learning

We tend to think of assessments solely as devices for measuring learning. But they also influence how students learn because students will tailor their study strategies to their assessments. This means that you need to think of your assessments as teaching devices themselves.

Snapchat for Education

If the term “social media” conjures up images of Facebook, then you’re two or three years behind the millennial curve. Facebook has been called “your mother’s social media site”; kids post to Facebook to throw their parents off the scent. Today’s students have moved to Snapchat.

Benefits of Video Discussion

The traditional Learning Management System discussion forum is the go-to method for hosting online student discussion. However, faculty members need not limit themselves to text discussion. Widespread access to video recording systems makes video discussion a realistic alternative to traditional text discussion.